Tonight’s State of the Union: Joe Biden’s Frustration with Congress


Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Jeff Zients, spoke with Punch Bowl News about the administration’s key focus and the frustration Biden is allegedly trying to overcome. This will be addressed during the State of the Union this evening.

The first two concerns revolve around funding the government and supporting “Ukraine, Israel, and Palestine.”

When Zients makes note of Palestine, he’s referring to the Biden plan to form a Palestinian state with the anti-Israel Palestinian Authority in charge. This would involve taking more land from Israel, making it impossible for Israel to defend its borders.

Joe Biden signs an Executive Order.

The third concerns the border. Zients told Punch Bowl, “And then the border. …to provide the resources to manage the border. We do not have enough border patrols; we don’t have enough asylum officers and immigration judges. And we need to fund the border so we can manage the border and to also make changes to the policy so that we may secure the border.”

“Some Republicans, I think, prefer the chaos at the border, the political issue, rather than actually doing the right thing.”

What Mr. Zients wants are agents and funds to process more illegal immigrants faster. That’s what the asylum officers and immigration judges are for. They are not talking about securing the border. If they were, they would reverse their policies and return to Trump’s policies or simply follow immigration law.

When Joe Biden took office, his administration took 94 executive actions that reversed policies securing the border. The administration is not discussing a wall, keeping illegal immigrants in Mexico, putting in technology, or ending stop-and-release. They are only talking about bringing in more people and doing it faster. When he talks about processing, he’s not talking about vetting them. The people coming illegally don’t have to prove who they are.

If they wanted to secure the border, they would have the same power and funding Donald Trump had when he secured it.

They’ve made their views clear by calling all the people coming: asylum seekers: refugees, newcomers, and undocumented Americans.

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