DOJ looks into prosecuting the former NSA as a scathing excerpt becomes public


Federal prosecutors are considering criminal charges against Trump’s terminated National Security Advisor John Bolton for disclosing classified information in his new book, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir”.

Los Angeles Times reported:

Federal prosecutors are weighing whether to criminally charge John Bolton with disclosing classified information in his upcoming White House memoir, and the Justice Department is expected in coming days to ramp up its legal campaign to block publication of a book that is being billed as a scathing rebuke of President Trump, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Justice Department is expected to seek a temporary restraining order from a federal judge as soon as Wednesday that would block Bolton and his publisher, Simon & Schuster, from releasing the memoir as planned on June 23, the people said.

It isn’t clear if this is winnable.

John Bolton is unhappy his book is blocked by the President so he’s revealing its contents for free. At least we won’t have to buy it. Bolton obviously hates Trump. You decide if he’s telling the truth.


He has given interviews and he provided the Wall Street Journal with an excerpt from the book about, as he puts it, ‘the scandal of Trump’s China policy.’ His writings are a brutal betrayal.

The former National Security Adviser gives the President credit for understanding the China problem, but that is the only thing he finds acceptable. He claims Trump’s advisers are badly fractured from “panda huggers” like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin; confirmed free-traders like National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow; and China hawks like Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, lead trade negotiator Robert Lighthizer and White House trade adviser Peter Navarro.’

It seems he doesn’t like anyone.

After describing the chaotic handling of trade negotiations that Bolton obviously disagreed with, he wrote that Trump pleaded with China’s President Xi to ensure he’d win re-election.

Bolton headlined one paragraph in the excerpt, Trump told Xi he was ‘the greatest leader in Chinese history.’

Bolton then went on to belittle the President’s China trade deal.

“Subsequent negotiations after I resigned did lead to an interim “deal” announced in December 2019, but there was less to it than met the eye, he said.

He said Trump’s reaction to China’s treatment of Hong Kong and Taiwan was dyspeptic. About the camps Xi was building for Uighurs, Trump allegedly said it was the right thing to do.


The Wall Street Journal excerpt was an endless scathing piece. Bolton concluded by saying, “The Trump presidency is not grounded in philosophy, grand strategy or policy. It is grounded in Trump. That is something to think about for those, especially China realists, who believe they know what he will do in a second term.”

It’s a mystery why Bolton remained in the job so long. Maybe he needed the material for his $2 million book deal.

One thing is for certain, John Bolton wants to see the socialist Democrats win in November, led by a senile, elderly man, and a radical female VP.

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