DOJ spokesperson has to call out Chuck Todd for deranged editing of AG’s comments


Update at the end

Chuck Todd deceptively edited Attorney General Bill Barr’s CBS interview in yet another sign of press derangement. He was called out by the DOJ’s spokesperson.

Catherine Herridge of CBS News asked AG Barr, “When history looks back on this decision [the dismissal of the Flynn case], how do you think it will be written.”

Todd claimed Barr said — only said — “Well, history’s written by the winners. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”

He ended the clip there. Then Todd called the AG’s comments “cynical” and said Barr basically admitted it was a “political job.”

Todd deliberately left off the rest of the quote. After Barr said, “So it largely depends on who’s writing the history, he continued, “But I think a fair history would say that was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law. It helped, it upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”

That is a very different statement. They are doing to the Attorney General what they do to the President.

Spokeswoman Kerri Kupec wrote on Twitter, “Very disappointed by the deceptive editing/commentary by @ChuckTodd on @MeetThePress on AG Barr’s CBS interview.

She linked to the original quote and the clipped quote by hack ‘reporter’ Todd. She also linked to the full transcript.

As Donald Trump Jr. said, “The derangement from today’s media is truly disgusting. They don’t even try to report the truth anymore and there’s no consequences when they flagrantly or intentionally get it all wrong so it will continue. Media is dead and worthless.”

AG Hamilton also pointed to another lie in the media. It is getting extremely disgusting.


After we published this, they claimed it was an error. Therefore, they’re just incompetent.

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Richard A Hickey
Richard A Hickey
2 years ago

The bottom line is the liberal media does this all the time because they can. The sheep that follow them believe what they hear and they may never hear the admission of the deliberate error. And if you read their admission it does not repeat the quote or the entire statement to put it in context. That way those that read their retraction do not know what they are referring too.

Wayne Tilly
Wayne Tilly
2 years ago

Hollywood has always had its nose out of joint because they never made. ‘The Never Ending Story’ and since 2015 they made their own version. Consequently the message of the title as it was portrayed in the first movie ‘The Never ending Trump Story’. The first film was subsequently used as a rough basis for the second film, ‘The Never Ending Presidency’: The Next Chapter, The third film, ‘The Never Ending Story, The Fantasy of the left’ They will not make a forth that would have been called, ‘The Victory of Good over Evil’

Christian Gains
Christian Gains
2 years ago

“…That is a very different statement. They are doing to the Attorney General what they do to the President…”

AND! The above statement reveals just how WORTHLESS their work IS! They’re GENUINELY good for NOTHING; BUT demeaning & stupid blather; OR, UTTERLY useless OR FALSE comments!!!

THEY READILY EXPOSE they’re TOTAL LACK of Journalistic values…therefore making themselves basically useless!! A HORRENDOUS WASTE of peoples’ time & values!!

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
2 years ago

The mass media has become our enemies. They won’t tell the truth, they deliberately lie and make up stories, you can’t believe anything they say. CBS is becoming CNN.

herbert r richmond
2 years ago

it is getting to where is it worth going on their Sunday shows to be treated like this.