DOJ Sued Idaho Over Too-Restrictive Abortion Law


The Department of Justice sued Idaho on Tuesday challenging what they call Idaho’s near-total ban on abortion. They claim it would criminalize doctors for performing abortions during medical emergencies.

Merrick Garland, US attorney general

The bill allows abortion in cases of rape, incest (reported to law enforcement), and the mother’s life (with a doctor signing off). The DOJ alleges that it does not protect doctors who abort a baby to protect a woman’s health.

Idaho’s law is set to take effect on Aug. 25 after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, returning the issue of abortion to the states.

The physician can abort if s/he determines “in his good faith medical judgment and based on the facts known to the physician at the time, that the abortion was necessary to prevent the death of the pregnant woman.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland sued, arguing Tuesday that Idaho’s law would violate the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, which requires doctors to provide stabilizing treatment.

Garland said there is no provision for cases where abortion is necessary to prevent serious jeopardy to the woman’s health.”


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1 month ago

Merrick Garland is the most pernicious, evil, incompetent U.S. Attorney General who ever entered the hallowed halls of the once respected United States Department of Justice Garland is a shill for the Democrat party and this country is lucky that this mean little twerp with the legal mind of a sewer rat was neve allowed to be on the U.S. Supreme Court. Haqs anyone ever taken Merrick Garland;s course on “Conshetusihional Law” Milton Berle would have loved the course for so many jokes

1 month ago

Funny how this idiot Attorney General Merrick Garland doesn’t seem to understand that the Supreme Court has ruled that abortion is a State issue. If the people of Idaho have a problem with an Idaho Law, they can take it to the Idaho Supreme Court.

Remember, 0bama tried to put this moron on the Supreme Court!

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The lovely wife of the respected National Security Advisor for Obama correctly stated that Obama’s administration was flooded with appointments of Chicago thugs to that effect. Obama has destroyed this country and continues to do so as the producer of the newest “Howdy Doody” Puppet show, starring China Joe Biden the old communist chinese spy, with Dem Senate majority lead