DOJ Sues Arizona for Trying to Stop the Planned Invasion


The Justice Department sued Arizona’s outgoing Governor, Doug Ducey, over a container border wall along the U.S.- Mexico border. The DOJ, an open borders arm of the Biden administration, claims it is illegal, as illegal crossing numbers are about to surge to 14,000 daily.

Outgoing Republican Gov. Doug Ducey began stacking shipping containers along the border to use as a physical barrier to deter migrants from coming across the border to Arizona illegally.

A nearly two-week stalemate broke out after Ducey tried to put containers on land that belonged to the Reclamation and Forest Service along the border. Since the federal government owns it and shouldn’t be under the Constitution, they sued. They really do want open borders.

In October, Ducey sued the federal government claiming the action was necessary due to what he called the high burden Arizona has experienced with the influx of migrants arriving at the border.


But the Justice Department says what Arizona is doing with the shipping containers is illegal. As the administration breaks all of our immigration laws without any resistance, they accused a governor trying to protect the country of breaking the law.

“Officials from Reclamation and the Forest Service have notified Arizona that it is trespassing on federal lands, the lawsuit filed in Arizona District Court on Wednesday said. “Not only has Arizona refused to halt its trespasses and remove the shipping containers from federal lands, but it has indicated that it will continue to trespass on federal lands and install additional shipping containers,” the DOJ said.

Sadly, the people elected in Arizona will continue to ravage the state with illegal migrants through open borders.

Donald Trump tried to save the country by endorsing candidates who wanted to close the borders but potentially rigged elections and bad press collapsed their candidacies and the nation.

This is a planned invasion to turn the country into a one-party state run by progressive Democrats. This is the actual insurrection, and the DOJ is the militarized arm of the Progressive Democrat Party.

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