Russian Rearmament and Readying Two Nuclear ICBMS


Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces have loaded two Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) into their intended silos this week, the Defense Ministry reported.

They sent us a rearmament video of the war games in case we need visuals (see below). The missiles could reach London or the US, but, as Russia said, they haven’t gone “mad.” Russian state TV has claimed they’re being prepared for London or DC.


The nuclear rearmament occurred at the Kozelsk missile facility in Kaluga Region in central Russia.

The missiles were placed into their intended positions on Wednesday and Thursday.

Rearming nuclear weapons is never good.

The US plans to supply Ukraine with Patriot missiles, and Russia said they’ll destroy them upon delivery. The problem is the US forces might have to operate them, although they now say the Ukrainian military will be trained to operate them.

Reporter Michael Tracey wrote on Twitter:

March: “Pentagon officials will not send the advanced Patriot air-defense system to Ukraine, saying Thursday that US forces would need to enter Ukraine to operate it”

December: “The Biden administration is finalizing plans to send the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine.”

The Yars ICBM can carry multiple nuclear warheads and has an estimated operational range of 11,000km.

You can see it as saber-rattling, but the rearmament is real.

The rearmament is reportedly to commemorate a holiday. The Defense Ministry said it was publicizing the rearmament process to mark the upcoming Strategic Rocket Forces Day, a professional holiday of the military branch, celebrated next Saturday.

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