DOJ Threatens Doctors Who Won’t Neuter or Castrate with Gender Confusion


The Biden Justice Department sent a letter to all states THREATENING doctors who won’t chemically neuter or surgically castrate patients with gender confusion. America First Legal sued to stop HHS from carrying out this vile threat, AFL President Stephen Miller reports.

The AFL is suing the administration “to block a radical Biden edict forcing doctors to provide unethical transgender treatments, erasing biological sex from medicine.”

Via AFL:

Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act prohibits “sex” discrimination in any health program or activity that receives federal funds. Three months ago, HHS announced that it will “interpret and enforce” section 1557 to prohibit: (1) “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation”; and (2) “discrimination on the basis of gender identity.” But nothing in section 1557 prohibits discrimination on account of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity”—and nothing in this statute requires doctors and health-care providers to deny biological reality by providing “gender-affirming” healthcare.

HHS’s interpretation of section 1557 threatens every medical provider who refuses to bow to the demands of homosexual and transgender activists. It allows anyone to file a complaint against a doctor who refuses to provide services or referrals that violate his ethical or religious beliefs, and if HHS determines that doctor engaged in discrimination based on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity,” that doctor would face significant consequences—including fines, penalties, and lack of access to patients who use federally-backed insurance plans (such as Medicare and Medicaid).

You can read the DOJ letter below, and the lawsuit here.

Stephen Miller has appealed to medical professionals victimized by this move. He tweeted, “If you are a doctor, nurse or medical professional worried about how these radical anti-child anti-science edicts will affect you or your practice, please reach out to America First Legal at”


Doj Letter Regarding Federal Nondiscrimination Protections 0 by Maura on Scribd

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