Incoming! 500 Illegals Using a Wooden Cross as a Battering Ram


In a clash with National Guard officers and immigration agents, the migrants used the cross they were carrying as a battering ram to break through the Guard lines, shattering the wooden cross.

~ Todd Bensman, CIS


Do you remember when Donald Trump said “They are not sending their best”? The former president was vilified for it. Yet, that is and was an accurate statement. We have a good example on Friday of the worst who are coming.

Hundreds from one camp were laying in wait for Joe Biden to end Title 42. Biden obliged, announcing its dissolution on Wednesday. Title 42 officially ends May 23rd.

That action opens the floodgates. There is now nothing to stop the world from coming into the US illegally. Predictions have numbers as high as 18,000 illegal aliens from all over the world pouring in on a daily basis.

There is no way to investigate these anonymous people.

On Friday, roughly 500 future illegal aliens from Venezuela, a communist hellhole, and Central America, left a refugee camp in Tapachula.

Using a huge wooden cross as a battering ram, the fighting age men in the group broke through the National Guard lines, injuring a lot of people, the AP reported.

According to abc News, this was a traditional protest march during Holy Week. Only, this year, it is two weeks early and will go right through our border.


In 2018, Democrats and the media ridiculed the administration for reporting that the illegals are funded in part by Venezuela. The information came from the Honduran President, and he was in a position to know. Venezuela hates the US and has many reasons to fund the invasion. President Maduro would gladly send communists and drug dealers to set up a drug pipeline.

Mr. Pence, standing with Mr. Trump in the Oval Office in late October 2018, reported he’d spoken with the Honduran president, who told him the caravan was organized by “leftist groups” and funded by Venezuela, a communist country deeply at odds with the administration.

“At the president’s direction I spoke to President Hernandez of Honduras,” said Pence, “he told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela.”


The Guatemalan administration at the time pointed to NGOs using USAID.
In this 2018 clip, NGOs hand out money to fund illegals coming to the US.

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