DOJ to delay trial of J6 trespasser for a year or two


Timothy Hale-Cusanelli has been in prison in DC since January. If the DOJ has their way, he will be in prison for a year or two without the opportunity to put up bail after he ‘paraded’ in the Capitol on January 6th.

Julie Kelly of American Greatness writes that DOJ Attorney Kathryn Fifield told Judge Trevor McFadden on Friday that she will not have evidence ready against Timothy Hale-Cusanelli until 2022 at the earliest.

2022 at the earliest!!!

He’s not accused of attacking law enforcement or vandalizing any property. Hale didn’t bring a weapon to Washington, which is important because, according to the government charging documents, he had access to “a variety of munitions” at his workplace. Hale wore a suit and tie, not Trump garb, to the protest.

His charges, like so many against January 6 defendants, relate to trespassing, obstruction, and disorderly conduct. Hale also faces the invented crime of “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building,” an offense lauded when Democratic revolutionaries do it.

The judge labeled him a ‘white supremacist,’ because he joked about Hitler and mocked black people in memes. His friends insist he’s just joking, but he had some awful racist comments on his cellphone.

That may be reprehensible but it’s not a crime. They want to convict him in part over his offensive language.

A so-called friend who was working for NCIS claims Mr. Hale is an avowed white supremacist.

The reason they are persecuting him: “If nothing else, the events of January 6, 2021, exposed the size and determination of right-wing fringe groups in the United States, and their willingness to place themselves and others in danger to further their political ideology.”

It does not. Most of the attendees were harmless rally goers. It is not as they portray the event.

When are they going to persecute the violent communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter?

Judge Trevor McFadden told the far-left DOJ attorney, “You would not arrest [someone] then gather evidence later. That’s not how this works.”  McFadden then gave Fifield a November 9 trial date.

They are going to keep this man in jail for at least a year before his trial for parading in the Capitol and having offensive memes on his cellphone.

Hale has been in prison since January 15th when he waived his rights to an attorney and ‘confessed’.

He is being deprived of his civil rights so they can use it against Republicans during the 2022 election.



  1. The right to a timely and fair trial?
    Yea…not so much for bitter clinger deplorable kulak untermenschen.

    “Any real state of fear will bring panic, and once panic is the prevailing attitude of society at large, the herd seeks safety at all cost. Seeking safety under these circumstances allows for tyranny by the ruling class, and when the restrictive consequences of that tyranny are in place, escape from mass servitude is almost impossible to achieve. It must be understood that decisions made under stress due to fear end with a loss of freedom, and when freedom is compromised, what is left is slavery.”

    Gary D. Barnett

  2. Looks to me the judge may be inclined to dismiss the case for violations of the Speedy Trial Act. Hope the fellow has a decent attorney to file the appropriate motions.

      • If he actually pled guilty there is no trial. All that is left is sentencing. I’ll go on pacer and see the correct status and let you know

  3. Her article on the matter:

    When Courts took up the case of Nazis marching in Skokie it was determined they were allowed. As much as I was thoroughly disgusted by it, we found in the aftermath they were so marginalized to never be heard from again. The Government’s actions to date will have the opposite affect and likely increase their ranks. It will prove to many, who are merely suspicious of Government, to the belief that Government is tyrannical and thus create extremists.

    It is becoming more apparent the FBI are the planners and Leaders behind every investigation and prosecution, whether Muslims in the past and now Trump supporters presently. Also, let’s not forget the many times the FBI went specifically after Jews, because they just Might have a dual loyalty. This FBI are truly the STASI of our day.

    Julie and Liz discuss these issues.

    “This is EXACTLY how Nazi Germany Began”. Certainly interesting.

    • Only now waking up to this fact??? For heaven’s sake the Main sewer Stream fake Media has been ‘lighting gas fires’ for over forty years. Trump ‘interrupted’ the politicians in their on going agenda…to deliver the Republic without a shot being fired…the TPP, which he refused to sign, would have been the last nail driven home in the USA’s manufacturing coffin. The corrupt MSM and the ‘fraud’ have given the real ‘brown shirts’ – antifa, and the ‘red guards’ – BurnLootMurder, a glorious pass…the latter actually gave them AMNESTY. Conservative hard working taxpayers, Christians et al are being openly sacrificed at the Bolshevik NWO altar in plain sight…under ‘obfuscation’ by the MSM…

  4. @ Greg,

    The Blues Brothers put the Illinois Nazis out to pasture and I bet even back then some agents provocateur were on the scene trying to stir up trouble.
    That scene with the Pinto wagon launching off of the incomplete interstate is just one of many classics from that film, back before movies were woke garbage.

  5. The Demoncrapicshariarinos are on a rampage with their brown nosed lackeys, the corrupt MSM and social media, in tow. Where, when and how it is going to end can be predicted, soon, as the covid psych ops cover is starting to wear thin…and the vaxxed zombies (if they obtain their desired result – 75%) are unleashed on the unvaxxed…

  6. How the hell is this happening multiple people held in solitary confinement pre trial. No bail. Government withholding exculpatory evidence! Everyone of these cases should be dismissed based on government misconduct, violation of rights! All the evidence is not being handed over to the defendants. The people responsible for this need to be in jail! This is tyrannical.
    How come the defendant lawyers don’t take this to the Supreme Court as violations of human rights? Democrats are disgusting any gop that goes along with this needs to be staked on the White House lawn!

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