DOJ’s Grand Jury Seen as a Turning Point in the Plan to Get DJT


The Hill staff writer claims the Justice Department’s grand jury subpoenas to former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and others in former President Trump’s inner circle is a turning point.

There have been many turning points as the Left and RINOs try to destroy an opponent so tough they don’t know how to destroy him. This grand jury aims to destroy Donald Trump and will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

Cipollone would not answer questions about his conversations with Trump using attorney-client and executive privileges. The Trump haters want to break through the barriers to get something on him.

It sounds like they didn’t find the crimes they were looking for and want to continue fishing for them. Democrats don’t appear to respect attorney-client or executive privilege for Republicans.


The grand jury subpoena from the Department of Justice is a much more powerful tool than a congressional subpoena,” said Neil Eggleston. He served as White House counsel for the Obama administration and represented former President Clinton in a dispute.

“In my view, it would be inconceivable that the Department of Justice would not win,” Eggleston added.

Based on proven liar Cassidy Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony, Cipollone allegedly issued “stark warnings” days before Jan. 6.

The select committee has presented evidence that the former top White House lawyer expressed concerns about Trump’s conduct in the weeks leading up to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

“Please make sure we don’t go up to the Capitol, Cassidy,” Cipollone allegedly told Hutchinson, according to her testimony. “We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen.”

If true, it sounds more like Cipollone knew the administration would use the opportunity to sink their opponents.

ABC News reported Tuesday that a federal grand jury had subpoenaed Cipollone, making him the highest-ranking Trump White House official to be targeted in the DOJ’s escalating Jan. 6 investigation.

The DOJ prosecuted Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro and is hoping to imprison them for using executive privilege to refuse to appear before the J6 witch hunt committee. They could save themselves if they give them something prosecutable on Donald Trump.

The witch hunts to get Donald Trump have gone on since 2015 without finding a thing. These are very Stalinesque prosecutions.


Trump said recently, “If I stayed home – if I announced that I was not going to run for office, the persecution of Donald Trump would immediately stop. But that’s what they want me to do. And you know what? There’s no chance I do that.”

Trump is tough, and nothing from the press, government workers in the intel community, or Justice Department has stopped him.

His flaws are obvious and infuriate people, but what he wants for the USA is flawless. He ran the government in a very traditional way while Democrats try to overturn it.

The FBI, CIA, and 17 intel agencies we didn’t know existed spied on him. He has been under constant surveillance and investigation. The probes and impeachments were frauds and anti-American.

J6 involved key actors luring gullible, riled-up Trump supporters into the Capitol. We know that from watching JaydenX, Ray Epps, and several others who worked at stirring the masses. That was the insurrection.

Yet, Donald Trump cannot be stopped. His very faults are also amazing strengths. I’ve never seen anyone this tough.

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3 months ago

DC needs to be completely taken down and rebooted.

3 months ago
Reply to  Ronnie

DC is probably one of the safest places in America. No foreign power would Nuke DC and end America’s Misery!

3 months ago

Under Democrats the DoJ does prosecute crime, it makes crimes up.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

It will be harder to steal the 2024 election that it was in 2020, and that was a huge effort. I think they will try to indict Trump as a first option. Pence would then try to step in as the lead candidate and fail miserably. He would be unable to hold a rally without major protests. Pence, Haley and others are anxious to see Trump indicted.

Madam DeFarge
Madam DeFarge
3 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

The zuckerbucks will be free flowing. Hope that bites zuckerberg bad one day.

3 months ago

Every arrow of hate thrown by the Left at DJT makes him stronger. He has become a force of nature whose very name causes the Marxists to tremble in fear that their plans to enslave the world will be crushed.