Newsom Bribes Movie &TV Industry to Return to Crime-Ridden Cali


California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom wants the Hollywood film industry to bring back production moved to Oklahoma and Georgia. The reason they moved was due to Newsom’s pandemic lockdowns and pro-criminal policies.

He thinks Republican policies over abortion are enough to get them to return. Newsom pushed the idea in a new ad published in Variety.

Newsom also announced Wednesday his support for a bill to invest $1.65 billion in California’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program to extend it for an additional five years, through 2030. That will be paid for by taxpayers.

According to Fox News, this program allocates $330 million annually in tax credits for the movie and TV industry. It’s a bribe at taxpayer expense.

They should go back for the money and for all they’re missing. They’re missing out on:
  • rampant homelessness
  • skyrocketing crime
  • overdose epidemic
  • fleeing businesses
  • exorbitant gas prices
  • coordinated smash & grab robberies – housing shortage
  • abysmal schools

Yay, go back to real freedom.

“Today, Hollywood will wake up to this ad. Time to choose. You can protect your workers or continue to support anti-abortion states that rule with hatred,” Newsom said on Twitter.

It is now “hatred” to limit abortion – unborn baby abortion? Whatever happened to pushing birth control?

The movie and TV industry have upped its spending in Georgia from $2.9 billion in 2019 to $4.4 billion in the past fiscal year despite legislation banning abortions after detecting fetal heartbeats, according to the New York Post reports.

Perhaps they realize they can always travel to another state if they want to abort their babies after that. Is it worth living in a crime-infested state with high taxes and very expensive homes and goods so you can abort without traveling to another state?

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