Don Jr & Eric Trump Respond to the Affidavit & a Scholar Goes Scorched-Earth


Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and a legal scholar reacted to the affidavit used to raid the former president’s home. A legal scholar went scorched-earth.

The DOJ/FBI and the entire Biden administration do not care at all about a person’s individual rights. They have deprived Donald Trump of all his rights over and over. If he has no rights, think of what they could do to you.

The unredacted portions of the affidavit justifying the raid on Mar-a-Lago were all leaked out by the DOJ before this release. The exception is the leak of Donald Trump allegedly holding nuclear documents. There is nothing related to nuclear documents in the redacted affidavit.


This scholar went scorched earth on the administration – great clip. This was a political raid on a political opponent who will likely run for the presidency in 2024, he said.

The White House and Merrick Garland were in on it and lied about it. Evidence proves that is true.

“This is a political hit on a former president.”

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