Don Lemon blames Trump for Democrat riots, says we asked for it


Protests are only dangerous if the right-wing Americans hold them according to the media, although the right didn’t damage a thing and merely wanted to go back to work. Just ask Don Lemon, he said the right-wing protests were dangerous, but he has no problem with the Democrat riots, which he still refers to as protests.

Don Lemon fanned the flames on his show last night, continuing to blame President Trump for the Democrat riots. He believes the riots are all understandable and we are all to blame for this.

It’s our fault that criminals and rioters are going scorched earth. They’re just frustrated and their behavior is “tragic” and “understandable.” After all, we enslaved people.

Lemon tore into Trump because, of course, he’s to blame for Democrat riots since he didn’t like football players kneeling to show their disrespect for the flag, the country, the military, and law enforcement.

It’s everyone’s fault but the Democrats who are the ones rioting, led by Black Lives Matter and the all-white Antifa.

Democrats are using the riots to ‘prove’ we need Democrats in power. Everything you see is because of Republicans, according to Al Franken.


Several of the black people killed by police and used as examples of police brutality were criminals in the act of committing crimes.

Don Lemon sympathizes with the looters:


Later in the night, Lemon was back on the air as Minneapolis was burning.

“OK, so people should not be rioting. But do you understand what is behind that rioting? People should not be looting. Do you understand what is behind that looting? Do you have as much outrage for that, or for a man on the ground with a police officer with his knee on his neck… what are you more outraged by? What matters more… a highly insured store? No one wants to lose their business, don’t get me wrong. And don’t twist what I’m saying, and there is nuance…. I’m not encouraging rioting, I’m trying to explain what’s going on there,” Lemon said. “Why are you mourning a Target store or an auto body store… and you’re not placing that same emphasis, if not more, on the conditions that led to this happening on the injustice that man felt on the ground?”

Tell that to this man:



CNN is still reporting the riots are “entirely peaceful,” as in the case of Miguel here who said it and had a bottle thrown at him.

Here are the entirely peaceful protesters breaking down barriers outside the White House.

As Ali Velshi said yesterday, it’s peaceful, don’t mind the burning building.

CNN can’t deny this:

As Dana says, maybe they should host a town hall:

Here are some Democrats pulling a black man out of a car and beating him.

Someone is funding this and supplying the equipment:



  1. Be careful Donnie, Bull Connor is waiting by the segregated water fountains. Maybe your pretty white boyfriend can talk some sense into him.

  2. Go gargle a cod-piece lemon-finger. You are a contributor to this rioting and looting. YOU the racist on cable night after night. You spewing filth and lies.

  3. These riots are exactly what Trump needed…..a infrastructure program that doesn`t cost the taxpayer a nickel. Talk about “shovel ready projects”…..this is what a stimulus program should be.

  4. Dear Donny, think you are going to still be alive to see how this violent overthrow of the government ends by you terrorists? I’m guessing not.

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