Donald Trump Files Motions for a New Trial in E. Jean Carroll Case


Trump’s lawyers filed two motions seeking a new trial in the E. Jean Carroll case, arguing that limitations on his testimony unfairly impacted the trial. He also requested a delay in the $83 million judgment, but the judge refused. The deadline is only a few days away.

Trump’s lawyers argued that his statements were meant to defend his reputation and presidency and challenge the jury’s decision on the damages. They were not defamatory.

E. Jean Carroll before her makover

Following that ruling last year that Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll but did not rape her, the former president was ordered to pay $5 million in that trial. A federal jury decided last month that Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll more than $83 million in damages for defamation for statements he made about her and the court ruling.

The jury decided last month that Trump must pay $18.3 million in compensatory damages and $65 million in punitive damages.

Trump asked for a delay in payment, and that was denied. He also owes nearly half a billion dollars in the James-Engoron civil trial.

Trump does not have the cash and might have to sell his Manhattan buildings.

What person would be subjected to and found guilty of a rape decades ago with no witnesses and no evidence other than Donald Trump?

Just as a warning, if you’re a victim of some deceitful psycho lunatic who claims a several decades-old rape with no evidence, not saying that is E. Jean, you can’t call her names you might find fitting. You’ve been warned.

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