Donald Trump on “Unprecedented Danger” of Death and Destruction


As President Trump calls for peace and warns of “unprecedented danger,” Joe Biden is pushing war until Russia is defeated. Ukraine’s president is lashing out at Americans who dare to complain about the wild spending on Ukraine.

Ukraine President Zelensky said that it’s “dangerous” for American politicians and citizens to object to sending money and arms to his country because “if Ukraine loses, Russia is going to enter Baltic states, NATO member states, and the U.S. will have to send their sons and daughters to war and they will be dying.”

Arrogantly slamming Americans for not wanting endless spending and war is never a good idea.

Donald Trump is almost alone in trying to de-escalate and end the war. Even Kimberly Stassel of the Wall Street Journal calls Trump’s views “surrender.”

Stassel wrote about DeSantis’s views being critical:

“The temptation might be to follow Mr. Trump down this rabbit hole. Some will warn Mr. DeSantis that this is where Mr. Trump will hit him, framing him as a GOP pol who’ll drag the country into endless wars. Some will note numbers showing Republican support for Ukraine aid (slightly) waning. Mr. DeSantis’s advisers will tell him he can’t be seen to be on the same side as Democrats. There’s also the risk that Mr. Biden continues to slow-walk Ukrainian aid, giving Russia the upper hand and eroding public support further.

“Yet it would be a mistake for Mr. DeSantis to cast his lot with Mr. Trump. Politically, he would lose a defining issue to the former president. The governor has an opportunity to contrast a bold, well-thought-out foreign policy with Mr. Trump’s opaque retreatism.

It would muddy Mr. DeSantis’s ability to otherwise take a tough line on the world’s rogues, including China. It would give Mr. Biden—who is already gunning for Mr. DeSantis—an easy attack line. And it would put the governor crosswise with most congressional Republicans, many of whom are rooting for him.

As with many on right and left, she sees disaster if Putin prevails:

Policy-wise, any presidential candidate needs to campaign as if he plans to win, and Mr. DeSantis might consider the world he’d inherit should Vladimir Putin prevail. A victorious Russia wouldn’t stop with Ukraine. China would delight in America’s retreat from the world stage and rush to fill the gap. Iran would double down on a bomb and on exerting greater hegemony over the Middle East. Peace through weakness never works.

Her opinion is the prevailing opinion among the leaders. It will matter what the people think.

The former president said that “globalists” and “warmongers” under Biden’s loving embrace are taking America and the world on a terrible path toward blood and destruction. “It’s time to end their reign of terror and bloodshed,” he said.

“The United States should negotiate peace between these two countries, and I don’t think they should be sending very much.”

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