Megyn Kelly and Ben Shapiro Discuss ‘Unfit’ Fetterman and His Wife


Ben Shapiro and Megyn Kelly discuss ‘unfit’ Senator Fetterman, who is now at Walter Reed for severe depression. They also mention his wife, Lady Macbeth, who pushed him to campaign for this position she knew he couldn’t handle.

Fetterman’s wife Gisele is off on vacation now.

Megyn Kelly points out that Democrats and the media, including NBC’s Dasha Burns, who exposed some of his disabilities last year, were pilloried for it.

That and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro and Democrats aren’t moving to replace him even though they would get to appoint a Democrat to the post.

They’d rather have someone completely incompetent than another Democrat who is fit.

For what it’s worth, CNN is using TV psychs who didn’t analyze him to discuss the possibiliies of his condition.  We know he’s unfit but it could be worse.

“In someone who has pre-existing depression, it is possible that they may be more treatment resistant and have a history of failing medications. So as a result, they may require more aggressive treatment that can take several weeks and even into several months, depending on how they present,” said Dr. Daniel Bober, a psychiatrist in Hollywood, Florida who never met or analyzed Mr. Fetterman.

“In someone who’s already had depression even before their stroke, this puts him at much greater risk and requires much more aggressive treatment,” Bober said.

Fetterman’s symptoms for depression included weight loss and loss of appetite, a source familiar with the matter said. He was not suicidal, the source said. His lack of eating and drinking water contributed to lightheadedness. He was hospitalized earlier this month in Washington, DC, after feeling lightheaded. His office said he had not had another stroke.

This is a generalization, but it’s interesting. Fetterman has suffered from depression for years.

“Generally, the reason that someone presents to a hospital for a psychiatric condition like depression is because either they are acutely suicidal or they have been deemed unable to take care of themselves. And when I say unable to take care of themselves, I mean, their basic needs – food, hydration, hygiene – are all things that they’re required to do on a daily basis, and they are unable to do this due to the severity of their depression,” Bober said.

Whatever the extent of his condition, he is unfit and needs to resign. Democrats should replace him, but maybe they just want to wait until he leaves the mental ward.

Gisele’s really dealing well with her husband’s problems. She’s zip-lining.
Poor Gisele Fetterman is having a terrible time dealing with her

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