Donald Trump Responds to the Jan. 6 Kangaroo Court Report


Donald Trump responded to the Jan. 6 Kangaroo Court Report, saying that for two years. “The American people have been besieged with lies from the partisan witch hunt known as the Unselect Committee on January 6.”

Donald Trump, a victim of the evil empire.

Mr. Trump said the committee left out the part of his speech where he encouraged “protesters to make their voices heard peacefully and patriotically,” the part of his tweet where he told protesters to “go home with love and in peace,” and where he called for “law and order.”

That’s true. They did.

Trump said he urged the deployment of 10,000 to 20,000 National Guard troops days before the protests at the Capitol but that “Nancy Pelosi and the D.C. mayor refused.”

“If they had listened to me, my recommendation, none of this would have happened, and you wouldn’t have heard about January 6 as you know it,” he added.

He called the allegations from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson about him lunging for the steering wheel to get to the Capitol an “absurd and discredited story.”

“The committee barely discussed the catastrophic security failures at the Capitol, and they didn’t discuss the other thing, the reason why everybody went there: the election, which was a corrupt disaster. They did not discuss why the doors were flung wide open … and they didn’t discuss the role of federal informants,” he continued.

“The events of January 6 were not an insurrection. They were a protest that tragically got out of control and which the left has been weaponizing ever since to censor, spy on, and persecute American citizens. The entire phony hoax is about taking away your speech, taking away your vote, and taking away your freedom,” Trump said.

“The Unselect Committee will go down in history as a con job and a disgrace. They want to stop us from taking back our country, but they will fail; they will not win. We will make America great again,” he concluded.


The House released a counter-report that pointed to Nancy Pelosi’s malfeasance. They pointed to repeated failures by Pelosi and the US Capitol Police. It includes claims that Republicans were intentionally excluded from security conversations by then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving at the direction of Pelosi’s office.

“One person caused January 6th; one person is to blame – Nancy Pelosi. She turned down the 10,000 troops Donald Trump authorized to guard the Capitol that day. She left the Capitol unguarded that day. The Jan 6th committee never investigated why.”

From the 140-page report:

Prior to that day, the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) had obtained sufficient information from an array of channels to anticipate and prepare for the violence that occurred. However, officers on the front lines and analysts in USCP’s intelligence division were undermined by the misplaced priorities of their leadership. Those problems were exacerbated by the House Sergeant at Arms, who was distracted from giving full attention to the threat environment prior to January 6, 2021 by several other upcoming events.

Specifically, the leader of the USCP Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division failed to warn USCP leadership and line officers about the threat of violence, despite the fact that IICD analysts gathered intelligence that clearly indicated a need for a hardened security posture. In fact, IICD’s leader—Julie Farnam—spent the weeks leading up to January 6, 2021 attempting to overhaul the division, including by reassigning expert intelligence analysts to new roles and creating new processes for synthesizing threat data. Information about planned protests and threats of violence were siloed and not properly analyzed and disseminated during this key period because of Farnam’s misplaced priorities. One IICD analyst testified to investigators: “That unit was disbanded by her almost on day one. We, at the time of January 6, we were not doing proactive searches of social media like we had been before. We were strictly reactive and responding to requests for information.” This is also substantiated by USCP’s own internal after-action report that was drafted in June of 2021.

Similarly, then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving—who served on the Capitol Police Board by virtue of his position—succumbed to political pressures from the Office of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership leading up to January 6, 2021. He coordinated closely with the Speaker and her staff and left Republicans out of important discussions related to security. As a critical member of the Capitol Police Board, the House Sergeant at Arms had an obligation to all Members, staff, and USCP officers to keep them safe by consulting stakeholders without partisan preference.

The Sergeant at Arms (SAA) reports directly to the Speaker even when the House is in session.

The only person responsible is Nancy Pelosi.


What Donald Trump has gone through and continues to go through is horrific. He continues with tremendous courage. Whatever his faults, we are in his debt. All he wanted to do was Make America Great Again. He made some mistakes, but he is far superior to any of these people in the administration and their lapdogs in the GOP and media.

Donald Trump did not break the law. His enemies are destroying this nation, lying about him, and trying to destroy him, all to further their own ends. Are we now the evil empire?

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