Donald Trump Retires the Name “DeSanctimonious”


President Trump’s campaign thanked Ron DeSantis for his endorsement and said Mr. Trump was honored. In the statement, the campaign encouraged all other candidates to rally around the former president as the candidate.

The statement included a comment about globalist Nikki Haley, who would “do everything to stop the America First movement.”

Trump campaign statement

Gov. DeSantis needed to suspend the campaign. His poll numbers were very low in New Hampshire. He needed to save his career.

Reporters asked Donald Trump about the nickname he gave Governor DeSantis. He said the name “desanctimonious” was officially retired.

Donald Trump Jr. was pleased about the announcement.

“Happy to see @RonDeSantis endorse my father and call to unite the entire GOP around him to defeat RINO Nikki Haley and ultimately, Crooked Joe Biden. We need the entire America First movement working together as a team to defeat the radical left in November!!!”

One of the things that might have hurt Ron DeSantis was some of his followers were nasty. They were as vile as the Left, and it reflected on the Governor.

Bill Mitchell is one of the worst. He’s now saying he’ll only vote for Donald Trump if Ron DeSantis is his vice president. He might support RFK, a nice person but a very left-wing Democrat.

Mitchell also said he’d quit politics if DeSantis lost. He’s changed his mind.

Mitchell is also posting MSNBC polls showing Trump can’t win if he is convicted.

No word from Ann Coulter yet.

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1 month ago

Ron’s lost a lot of his luster by challenging president Trump. He was ill advised.

1 month ago

Who is this Bill Mitchell dude?
I never heard of him.
Is he important?

Last edited 1 month ago by AmpJam