Woke United Is Nasty to Their Customers


Woke United Airlines was very abusive of Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s wife, mother, and their dog, Joey. His wife had their infant daughter with them in addition to the dog. An agent said they couldn’t fly with the dog that had flown 500 times, so they tried to leave, but the agent wouldn’t let them.

The United agent kept trying to grab the dog and wanted a picture of Joey the dog to file a complaint. Meanwhile, the video Dan Crenshaw obtained shows the two women acting calm and composed.

The agent appears to have lied and claimed the Crenshaws were “handsy” and difficult.

Rep. Crenshaw spoke with a higher-up in United Airlines named Phillip Griffiths who was awful. It’s on tape, and Griffiths was not telling the truth. Crenshaw used the “F” word, and Phillips Griffiths told him that’s not allowed as he told him to “shut the Hell up.”

It’s crazy. Being Woke apparently means being nasty and arrogant too. I think I’ll skip traveling United. The story is crazy. You have to watch the video.

Here’s the DEI CEO.

Apparently, they break guitars.

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Zee Patriot
Zee Patriot
1 month ago

Since RINO Dan supports WOKENESS in Democrat stronghold Houston; seems his chickens may have come home to roost.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Dan, you handled that beautifully.
United, I will not fly with you again.