Massive Win for Donald Trump in Iowa, Ron De Santis Is in Second


Donald Trump swept the Iowa caucus. The race was called only a half hour into the counting. Voters might have left. With 99% of the vote tabulated, Donald Trump has 56,260 and 51% of the precincts.

The AP calls the races. The media has called the races since 1848. Donald Trump’s opponents were infuriated over the early call. However, Trump’s lead was so large that he was a definite winner early on.

The A.P. said it had analyzed early results from eight Iowa counties that were received within the first half-hour after caucusing began, showing that Mr. Trump had received “far more than half of the total votes counted.” That data gelled with The A.P.’s proprietary voter survey, which the outlet said “showed Trump with an insurmountable lead” among men and women and across every age group and geographic region of Iowa.

Early in the evening, it looked like Haley would come in second, but Ron DeSantis edged her out with 23,420 votes and 21.2% of the precincts. Most Ron DeSantis voters will likely go to Donald Trump if he drops out.

Nikki Haley came in at 21,085 and won 18.1% of the precincts. With all the media support and support from Democrats, she came in third. Her support isn’t representative of the base, and she would get “smoked,” as Chris Christie said.

Pulling from the same voter pool as Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy won 7.7% of the vote and won’t leave the race. He pulled out of the race four hours ago and endorsed Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is going to continue running away with this. Republicans who hate Trump have to choose. Many will reluctantly vote for him as the alternative to the WOKE Joe.

Votes are still being tabulated. 99% of the votes are counted.


The real clear politics polling average has Donald Trump winning Iowa with 52% and leading Joe Biden by only 1.1%. They were accurate in Iowa.

Donald Trump’s campaign will be more expensive than the other candidates would have been.

Ron DeSantis is too far from success after all the money and effort didn’t bring him close to Trump; he will likely have to drop out soon. The base of the party wants Donald Trump.

Former president Donald Trump said he feels invigorated and greatly honored after winning the 2024 Iowa caucuses. He told Fox News Digital he feels “strong” for our country. “I feel great. I am greatly honored by such an early call.“

Bill Mitchell’s feed is funny. He’s 75, he needs to calm down or he’ll have a heart attack.

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1 month ago

Here’s Where the Liberal Media Cut the Feed. He’s Correct. Trump: “If the fake news would become real and honest news, 90% of our problems in this country would be solved.” The deep state media peons need to be obliterated.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Excellent comment.