Jack Posobiec: Only Trump Made Iowa & Florida Go Red


Ron DeSantis said he will get the job done when he’s president. He has “a lot of work to do,” and he “will not make any excuses. He will not let you down.” Vivek’s not giving up, and Nikki is surging with Democrats until she goes to the general, she’d be “smoked.” All three will be smoked. It is time for them to wind down and endorse Donald Trump.

Charlie Kirk asked Jack Posobiec, “Why didn’t Kim Reynolds’s endorsement of Ron DeSantis not result in a Ron DeSantis victory?”

“Who? I’m sorry, who is that person that you mentioned her name just now?” Posobiec said sardonically. “I think the person that you mentioned is the worst-rated governor in America—someone who had been an extremely popular governor and has gone to absolutely nothing. And I’ll tell you why. It’s very simple. Kim Reynolds did not make Iowa red for the same reason that Ron DeSantis did not make Florida red.

Kim Reynolds

It was “Trump and the Trump movement that made these states red. It was Trump and the Trump movement that shifted the demographics in the county after county. He was the one who did that. All the counties Blake Neff walked through at the beginning of the show, a state of Iowa that had voted for Barack Obama just one cycle prior, now all of a sudden going resoundingly red, destroying the blue wall that he was able to do in 2016.

“OK, that was Donald Trump and the Trump movement and this ridiculous notion that these other people who came up through the endorsement and with the support of Donald Trump we’re doing it on their own without any help or any air cover, any lift from him whatsoever, are completely missing the boat.

“They’re completely missing the situation, and it’s one word, really. It’s one word. It’s called “hierarchy,” OK? There is a pecking order in life. There’s a pecking order in the world – there’s a pecking order on, you know, live streams or whatever you want to be on, OK? And just know your place, know your place, and know your role.

“You’re there, and I’ll just say there’s three words, ‘bend the knee,’ the clock is ticking, the clock is ticking, and every moment that you don’t drop out is just your status on that chart is going lower and lower and lower. I’m sorry.”

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