Donald Trump Was Cheered from London to New Jersey


A massive crowd cheered for former US President Trump in London today. The people love him and what he stands for. They know what Democrats are doing to him. Thousands showed up at a Tommy Robinson rally today, chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump,” and others say they want to make England great again.

Donald Trump was cheered when he walked into the UFC in New Jersey today. They gave him a standing ovation.

Democrats aren’t just robbing him of the respect he deserves; they’re robbing Americans, and they are destroying our justice system to do it.

“Our nation is rotted to the core, and 2024 is 1776,” Vivek said. As he travels, he is asked what happened to America.

JD Vance stood up for Donald Trump and, more importantly, for our justice system.

Here’s one of Donald Trump’s fans.

The California sheriff who is changing teams, and will back Donald Trump.


Grandpa’s biggest fans:

Rush was a fan:

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