TDS Victim George Conway Hits the Road for Uncle Joe


George Conway is giving Joe Biden just under a million dollars while still pretending he’s a Republican. The TDS victim who gave up his wife over his Trump hatred is rampaging on leftist TV stations bashing Trump. Liberals want him to do it so it’s all good for them.

Watch him go too far in this clip:

His daughter is still doing crazy on X and elsewhere. She’s offering adult entertainment on the Playboy site for $5 a month to “reclaim my womanhood and femininity in a way that is truly mine.” That makes no sense.

She claims she was manipulated by mainstream outlets to spread the Democrat message.

She feels she was manipulated so who is manipulating her now? Her father failed her.

By the way George, Donald Trump is not an adjudicated rapist in that ridiculous E. Jean Carroll case.

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