A Furious Levin to Trump: try like Hell to get to the Supreme Court


Mark Levin is furious about the conviction of Donald Trump because, as with many of us, he sees it as an attack on us, the people. More than that, it’s an attack on our judicial system. They turned it completely upside down. Do we now have to abide by this? He said Trump has to fight like Hell to get to the Supreme Court as quickly as possible.

“I make the point that you cannot allow the case in New York to stand because the case in New York stands for what? Not just lawlessness, not just the violation of the federal Bill of Rights as it applies to the states through the 14th amendment, and not just the violation of a presidential candidate, former president, the Republican putative candidate, and his due process and equal protection right. So that would be bad enough. We, the people, have suffered. We, the people, have been attacked.

“The campaign process that’s been in place since the beginning of the Republic has been altered by a Soros prosecutor and a Biden conflicted judge. Does the whole country have to abide by that now? They did it through all kinds of schemes and lies, including censorship that took place in that star chamber.

“The appellate court process in New York is not sufficient. Whatever they rule, it’s gonna be too late. That’s number one.

“Number two, an appellate court process in the state should not determine the impact on a federal campaign under federal campaign law and the federal presidential campaign, whatever they decide. so the process has already been breached. The jurisdiction, the constitution has already been breached regardless of what the New York appellate court says.

“This needs to be put back in the box now. There’s only one entity that can do it. I heard somebody say, well, we got to get it into the federal district courts and the 2nd court. That’s not right. That’s not even possible. Well, we got to wait till the end of the state court process. But you wait till the end of the state court process; then, the constitutional issues are destroyed.

“We’ve had people here say, brilliant lawyers, and they’re right, all these issues that are relevant. One said we can’t unravel this; our system has been destroyed. And others said the public must, at some point, rise up and demand justice while the problem is we have lifetime appointed federal judges, we’ve elected judges, OK. Do you think the electorate in Manhattan gives a damn what we have to say about anything?

“They’re going to rise up to do a ticker tape parade for these guys. So these are not serious answers. As an advocate, as somebody who has litigated against the left for 40 years, you have to do better than that.

“There’s only one body that can save this judicial system, and it’s the top judicial court in the country. You have to give it an opportunity to address this. You can choose not to, and then what’s done is done, but you have to give it an opportunity. And when you’re trying to save the country, even if you have a 10% chance, isn’t that good enough?

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