Donald Trump Won’t Be Silenced Easily


Former president Donald Trump will not be silenced easily. We got our first hints of that before he went into court today when he knocked New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The Democrats have turned into a very radical party, and they are using terrorist tactics. They like to call Republicans domestic terrorists, but they are. Maybe they haven’t executed anyone yet, but they are torturing Donald Trump. Many people, not as strong as he is, would have been broken by now. These Democrats are terrifying. They abuse and weaponize laws and the system to batter political opponents as if we were a Third World nation.

In the clip below, Donald Trump mentions that the radicals found a law to use just for him, and it prevents him from even having a jury. This was tailor-made just for him, and it’s a law that was never used in this way before.

Mr. Trump noted that one of their witnesses who came in today representing one of the banks he dealt with made it clear that nothing was wrong with the deal, and everyone was happy with the results. Trump added that there’s a disclaimer on all of these loans that they shouldn’t rely on his assessments. They should do their own, and they do.

When he spoke about Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, he said she campaigned on “Get Trump,” and she did. He said she is “defrauding the public” with her lowball assessments of his properties. Mr. Trump called her “horrible,” and noted she was “ranting like a lunatic” that she was going to “get Trump.”

He’s irate over the gag order. He’s the leading presidential candidate for the GOP, and they won’t let him speak.

He said all of this is coming out of D.C., Biden, and his “thugs” so Biden can eke out a victory that he is not entitled to because he is the weakest president in our history.

To conclude, he said the judge is nice but a Democrat under pressure, and he doesn’t see how he can be fair. The trial is “rigged,” he said.

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