House GOP Will Not Let the People Have Their Candidate


The vote for Jim Jordan came up short yesterday; he even lost two votes. Rob Schmidt of Newsmax had representative Carlos Gimenez on to give a run down of what we could expect today.

Carlos Gimenez

Gimenez said he would only vote for McCarthy, and apparently, others agree with him unless somehow they can come up with someone they will like other than Scalise, Jordan, and McCarthy.

Representative Gimenez said the gang of eight derailed the America First agenda. So far, that agenda appears to be about big spending. The statement is ironic since that’s the complaint against the conference. Jordan and his supporters want to put America First, and not constantly fund the Democrat agenda.

McCarthy voted for Jim Jordan, and he told people in a general way to vote for Jim Jordan. He hasn’t helped Jim Jordan to the point of calling people and asking them to vote for him. His vote could be more about appearances with a wink and a nod, letting people know he wants to be the speaker. That’s just conjecture.

“I want McCarthy. McCarthy was a victim of a drive-by shooting where eight Republicans … decided that …they’re going to join 208 Democrats to derail the America First Agenda, and so, yeah, that’s why I want McCarthy.”

Gimenez Said McCarthy will carry out the will of the conference. That’s what a lot of Americans are afraid of. So far, lying and spending have characterized the business as usual.

Rep. Gimenez said the conference wanted Steve Scalise to be the nominee, but he couldn’t get the votes.

Conservative Republicans view Representative Scalise as more of Kevin McCarthy, which would not be conservative enough.

One of the conference members, Mike Kelly, handed in the most unappreciated vote of all – he nominated John Boehner.

Background insights reveal that these unexpected splits can be traced to discussions between the Democrats and a subset of Republicans representing districts that Biden won. With concerns about potential implications for their constituencies, the group considered forging a bipartisan leadership.

Some believe the conference won’t let the Republican conservatives have the candidate they want. Jordan is the people’s candidate, and the group of 22 won’t allow it.

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