Donny Deutsche says Trump supporters are racists


TV pundits, ‘reporters’, and anchors want to destroy President Trump, blindly so. Even Fox News will do nothing to investigate and present the full, honest details of stories surrounding the President.

This week’s assault is that all Trump supporters — and there aren’t many — are racists. Deutsche said this week:

“How do 1 in 3 Americans still believe this man about corona or anything, and the answer is only one thing: 1 in 3 Americans are racists. One in three Americans are terrified that this country by the year 2040 is not going to be majority white — that the black man or the brown man or the yellow man or woman are going to come and take their jobs and take away their suburbs and scare them. And it’s no coincidence yesterday Trump brought up Kamala Harris and the whole birther thing. That is the only explanation. Because you can’t even bring up the economy anymore. That is it, that 1 in 3 Americans [Mika Brzezinski: “It’s pathetic!”] are racists still in this country.”

Trump hater Mika Brzezinski responded, “It’s pathetic!”

They won’t discuss policy because the Democrat Party policies are Marxist and undesirable once people realize what they mean. As a result, they attack the man personally.<


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