How Nancy Pelosi becomes President in January


Constitutional lawyer and TV host Mark Levin went through a montage of the lies about the fraudulent postal service scandal. The Democrats are doing this to force through mail-in voting which will cause utter chaos in November. Expert Hans Spakovsky said if it goes on to January 22nd, the Speaker of the House becomes President.

The President has no control over state voting and that is what Democrats are hitting. They will take down our democracy before they let Trump win.

Levin went through the complexity of the voting system, and then noted the problems with the mini-mail-in voting system — absentee voting. He also made mention of the plague of delays at the post office.

It’s a disgrace and too many people don’t know what is going on. Too many in the public will only react to the lies and fear-mongering.


Liberals are trying to change the rules governing elections in numerous court cases. For instance, one lawsuit wants to ban the signatures on ballots.

For the first time in our history, we could get to January 20th without knowing the outcome. There is a federal statute that if it goes on until the 20th, the acting President will be the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which is currently Nancy Pelosi.


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