Former Assistant US Attorney Says Don’t Defund the U.N., Just Say “Go!”


file photo of the Human Rights Council in session.

U.N.’s Anti-Israel Actions

With all that the U.N. has done to the U.S., the United Nations is now joining the BDS movement which was started by the terrorist group Hamas. The U.N. is getting ready to enter the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The idea of a boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) blacklist came from a March 2016 resolution of the UN Human Rights Council.

Among the countries on the Human Rights Council are human rights violators such as  China, Congo, Cuba, Indonesia, Russian Federation, and the UAE. And they are trying to create a boycott of Israel for building houses. We can thank Barack Obama for this.

Prior to this, the Security Council resolution sought to reward Palestinian jihadists with territory while rendering Israel a pariah. This was orchestrated by Barack Obama.

We fund about 22% of their mostly illicit activities. It’s a lot of money for a country like ours that is borrowing 40 cents on every dollar we spend.

Andy McCarthy is the former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York and he has a great idea to handle the situation. Don’t simply defund them, tell them to go.

One U.N. goal is to take away our gun rights.

The U.N. Is Anti-American, Anti-Israel, Anti-Nationalism, Anti-Capitalism

Trump said he’d drain the swamp but when the swamp isn’t your swamp, just get rid of them, he contends.

D.C. is our swamp and it’s swamp enough. The U.N. is a club of dictators and crooks.

Defunding won’t do much and already weak-kneed congressional Republicans are saying maybe we don’t need to defund all of the U.N., McCarthy said.

Like most progressive humanitarian efforts, McCarthy believes, it’s not good. From the article:

But the institution stinks, even in its humanitarian aid work. As Heritage’s Brett D. Schaefer notes, citing a 2012 academic study on best and worst practices among aid agencies, U.N. agencies consistently rank “among the worst and least effective performers.”

Then there is the climate change foundation:

They continue to plot international tax schemes (on carbon emissions, financial transactions, etc.), as well as the lucrative skim from redistributionist rackets like the “Green Climate Fund” and the new “Sustainable Development Goals.” The real goal, naturally, is a sustainable fund for the U.N., relieving it of reliance on finicky donors.

Despite the fact that the U.N. is known for its anti-Americanism, anti-Westernism, anti-Semitism, anti-nationalism, anti-capitalism, and anti-rectitude, the left insists on praising the so-called humanitarian efforts of the failed U.N..

U.N. climate change conference.

U.S. Is Bound to U.N. by a Treaty of Treaties

Leaving is the right thing to do. Progressives won’t like it but patriotic Americans will love it.

“The U.N. is Ground Zero of the totalitarian Islamist-Leftist quest to eviscerate Western principles and individual liberty – and, while they’re at it, the Jewish state,” McCarthy said.

“The U.N. is the Islamist-Leftist vehicle for nullifying American constitutionalism – its guaranteed freedoms and the very premise that the People are sovereign,” McCarthy continued.

“In just the last few years of Obama’s eager collaborations, the U.N. has produced resolutions that erode First Amendment liberties, calling on member states to outlaw negative criticism of Islam,” he said.

“It has overridden the Constitution’s protections against treaties that harm American interests, endorsing the Iran nuclear deal to give it the imprimatur of international law even though it is unsigned, unratified, and would not have had a prayer of attaining the required two-thirds supermajority Senate approval.”

This should alarm any American.

The U.N. is a vehicle for America-hating leftists to destroy the very things that made America great.

The onerous Paris Climate Change Agreement, which is really a treaty, cannot easily be dissolved thanks to an awful treaty signed by Richard Nixon in 1970.

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, Article 18, states that once a nation signs a treaty — or merely does something that could be interpreted as “express[ing] its consent to be bound by the treaty” — that nation is “obliged to refrain from acts which would defeat the object and purpose of the treaty.”

The treaty of treaties was never even approved by the Senate. The State Department says it doesn’t matter. We are bound by it according to international law.

Why are we bound by international law over our Constitution?

The Senate has given its power away.

McCarthy said the U.S. participation in the U.N.’s shenanigans makes us party to it. That, he says, is the real coup by the bad guys.

If the U.S. left the U.N., they would be completely irrelevant.

It’s not enough to defund, we must “go!”




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