Don’t Doubt the NFL Is Fully WOKE – Jack Del Rio’s Chilling Fine


If you doubt the NFL is WOKE, destroying the sport, watch Clay Travis discuss the Jack Del Rio fine in the second clip. If you do nothing else, watch that. It’s chilling. Keep in mind as you watch the clip, that Kaepernick was never fined. He walked around in cops-as-pigs shirts and was interviewed wearing tees with portraits of Marxist dictators.

Jack Del Rio was fined $100,000 for merely saying that if we are going to talk about J6, we should look at the George Floyd riots. Listen to what he says in the first clip. He even apologized for it. We don’t understand why since he said nothing wrong.

Apparently, the Head Coach thinks he “hurt a lot of people”.

Now listen to what Clay Travis says in explanation. He does an excellent job of describing the situation.

The Washington Commanders, like the rest of the NFL, are WOKE – very. Don’t doubt me.

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