Don’t Ever Tell Bill O’Reilly Tucker Had a Larger Audience


Bill O’Reilly is on Chris Cuomo’s show on News Nation once a week. Recently, Cuomo interviewed Tucker Carlson, and O’Reilly was not happy about it. By the second quarter of 2020, Tucker had reached 4.56 million viewers before he was fired, averaging 4.33 million – the largest audience in cable history.

“I would never in a million years do it because my thrust as a journalist is clarity. So I want to know why Tucker Carlson believes what he believes,” O’Reilly said. “I know why he presents the way he does. I know that because when he took over for me in 2017, he inherited an 8 o’clock slot where 4,200,000 viewers watched the first quarter of 17; he couldn’t hold it, nobody could have, and if you want to say I’m bragging, fine.”

That’s when Cuomo put the graphics up on the screen.


“No, because the research says he had the biggest audience in the history of cable television,” Cuomo said. “Tucker Carlson had the biggest audience in the history of cable television… I have the proof. They could put it up on the screen if you want.”

“You believe what you want to believe; I just gave you the truth. Tucker Carlson fell off a million one in a year from what I did,” huffed O’Reilly. So he had to change, and he did, and he did it in a very sincere way. He wasn’t a phony, all right? He’s not contrived.”

“He said You know what? I’m going to reflect the grievance of a certain amount of people in America and I’m going to do what Black Lives Matter does. I’m going to pipe that grievance in, get people emotionally involved with me in my program, and they’ll watch. It worked,” he said, comparing Carlson to the communist, anti-police, supremacist organization.

“He never topped what I did, didn’t come close to topping it, but he was the highest-rated show,” he added.

O’Reilly then sounded like the leftists who blasted Carlson for interviewing Putin, especially that part about how clean Moscow was.

“If he had said it to me, I would have said, ‘You know, you sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 who went over to Germany and was very impressed how orderly it was, how clean it was,” he said, tossing out the obligatory reference to Hitler.

“There wasn’t any graffiti. There wasn’t any anything. Everybody did what they were told to do, and totalitarian regimes can make that happen fairly easily,” sniped the 74-year-old pundit, who seems to still be living in days of yore when America’s major cities had not yet become the crime-ridden hellholes of the 21st century.

“Now, are you impressed with the totalitarian regime?” O’Reilly asked Cuomo. “That would have been my question because I want to know why Tucker Carlson has presented Putin and his government in a fairly benign way. Okay? That’s what I wanna know. I’m a journalist, and I’m curious.”

Has O’Reilly moved left? Was he jealous of Tucker or sincere? What say you?

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