Even a Gangster Most Wanted by Interpol Was Released Into TX


Venezuelan National Aderbis Segundo Pirela, 29, was the second-in-command of a Colombian prison gang, Los Satanás. He was floating around in Texas for two months.

US officials didn’t know about him even though Colombia was looking for him. According to the Colombian Police news release, a person in Texas notified U.S. investigators that he recognized Pirela’s face from a wanted poster.

He was on Interpol’s Top 10 Most Wanted Suspects list. Still, he was allowed to enter the United States.

Aderbis Segundo Pirela-Pirela, 29, was wanted by Colombian authorities on several charges. The alleged charges included homicide, drug trafficking, and extortion, Homeland Security Investigations San Antonio said in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Still, he was admitted into the United States under the Biden regimes’ open border rules.

Aderbis Segundo Pierla

The Story

The notorious South American gang member, wanted for at least seven murders in Bogata, was arrested last week in New Braunfels. According to federal officials, he first entered the United States on January 2.  He was released on January 5th.

The gang’s leader, Jose Vera, is in prison.

Colombian officials said Pirela is tied to at least seven homicides in Bogotá.

Pirela entered the United States unlawfully on Jan. 2 near Eagle Pass, Texas, according to a statement from Homeland Security Investigations, an arm of U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

U.S. Border Patrol arrested him near El Paso “and issued him a notice to appear.”

On Jan. 5, Border Patrol “issued Pirela an order of recognizance” and released him from custody.

On Tuesday, March 12, special agents with HSI San Antonio arrested Pirela in New Braunfels. ICE now has him in custody.

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