Don’t miss Comey’s testimony! Turns out he knows nothing about the FBI


We heard bombshell news from DNI Ratcliffe yesterday that the primary source for the Steele dossier was a ‘national security threat’ who was investigated as a Russian spy from 2009 to 2011. Obama and his team were briefed about it at that time. Despite that, Jim Comey, who is testifying before the Senate Judiciary today, can’t remember a thing. He also doesn’t recall, he doesn’t remember, he read it in the Horowitz report, he doesn’t know anything about Clinesmith (the Mueller team attorney who is pleading guilty to perjury), he doesn’t know but could only speculate, and he didn’t know Christopher Steele was biased against President Trump.

The former FBI director was cc’d on the 9/16 investigative referral at that time, yet Comey said, under oath, “It doesn’t ring a bell.”


Senator Graham pressed him about the investigative referral:

Democrat [socialist] senator Durbin said the hearing is a waste of time, which is not unexpected. Actually, he’s right since Comey just keeps lying and no one will hold him to account for it.

Comey was the FBI Director but apparently just a bystander who knew nothing about what was going on at the FBI:

Comey claimed Trump is a Russian asset because Trump said he didn’t trust the very same U.S. intelligence agencies that tried to frame him for treason with Russian disinformation and funding from Hillary Clinton and the DNC. It was actually a coup that was led by Comey himself.

James Comey really expects us to believe he didn’t know the source of the Steele Dossier?

Senator Lee said to Comey: Before you were confirmed, you claimed the rule of law mattered. You promised you would always dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I trusted you. You gave me your word. And yet you sit in front of us today and claim to know nothing about your own investigation.

As Catherine Herridge reports, the FBI also interviewed the dossier source for three days in January 2017. At that time, the source dismissed Steele’s reporting as gossip.

Comey said he wouldn’t have signed the warrant today and would have wanted a more complete understanding. But he did know. Documents show he knew by December 2016 at the latest.
Sadly, Chris Wallace made sure to not ask Joe Biden about this last night.

When is this pompous ass Mr. Comey going to prison?



  1. Graham is campaigning for reelection, nothing else. He expresses concern over lack of accountability. Yet he played a major role in that lack of accountability. He never held serious investigations nor has he demanded the DOJ act. The hearing seems to be a Graham coordinated alibi session for Comey. Graham has never once asked why Barr threw out rock solid criminal referrals on Comey 10 months ago.

  2. From this point on there should be memory test for all appointed officials.
    Graham was his usual showboating self. His questions were only for the purpose of giving speeches. Mike Lee was another disappointment. Since there is a time constraint it is unproductive to spend most of that time on first meeting Comey and going on and on. It wasn’t until Cruz were actual probative questions asked.

    I usually skim past Democrats. I was getting coffee when Turbin Durbin was up. Is that man really so STUPID. If one’s debts are such that he is barely above water then you might have a case. Then, the complete IDIOT thinks a “tax return” will evidently reveal assets and liabilities. It’s all about how your finances are leveraged that could only make a difference. Trump’s finances ARE online and it is MASSIVE. No doubt Democrats don’t want to go there because it would takes weeks to explain the details, And, they aren’t that intelligent.

    I’m at Sasse. So we’ll see how it goes from here.

  3. Comey is a blatant liar and a greaseball thug clothed in priestly haberdashery, I sent Comey an email cautioning him to do the right thing regardless of politics with regard to Hillary or he would destroy the FBI forever. His ‘priestly” countenance paid no attention and now Comey needs to go to prison for being a Pincipal in the first degree in the RICO effort to overthrow the Presidency. I was a Dem at the time I wrote “Slick’ Comey who thought, (and still does), that he is above the law. Present FBI Director Wray is doing his best to cover up for Comey, to hide evidence and obstruct justice, but hopefully justice will prevail and we wil see the likes of Weissman, McCabe, Strzok, BIDEN & OBAMA, and the rest of the polished THUGS & GOONS end up in federal prison just like the Watergate boys did. The Constitution is for eveyone not just
    waxing the sheets for the Dems.

  4. If ALL these DAMN Senators are so damned concerned, such as Sasse, why in hell don’t they ask about The FISA Court admonishing the departments for their abuses. The FBI, in particular, was excoriated for allowing outside contractors access to the NSA database. The FBI seemingly changed their methods when that was shut down. The text messages vaguely references this. Mike Rogers of the NSA was nearly fired over this.

    Comey is another Rosenstein and Yates, “I accept responsibility”. I guess THIS is the ENTIRE purpose of these hearings; get them to admit – “Knowing NOW….”.

  5. I really can’t listen to any more of Graham’s ramblings. Shut The Hell Up.

    Comey used the “Certification” as an ‘out’ in such a way its purpose is meaningless. The Senators should have taken that page out and “read it to him”. If I’m not mistaken that certification says the information IS Verified.

  6. I’ve been watching that disingenuous, lying prick testify on C-SPAN3 for hours now.

    He is blatantly supporting whatever narrative the Democrat Party members spout by responding instantly to their carefully designed questions with “yes” or “no” confirmations of their bias.

    Juxtapose this against his stock responses to Republican members questions…”I don’t remember”, “I disagree with your preamble to that question, so I’m not going to answer it”.

    The lying bastard is obviously a rubber stamp for the Democrats. He has been since he first protected Hillary Clinton and simultaneously undermined Donald Trump.

    Comey should be in federal prison.

  7. There isn’t any mention of the closed hearings with Bruce Ohr and Pientka. This hearing Should be #5, not #3. There had better be a release of those hearings before it’s all over. It’s possible there is testimony that contradicts the testimony in the public hearings.

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