DNC chair says Biden’s much more like Sanders than different


Joe Biden is almost as extreme as Bernie Sanders. The party is far-left now and shows no signs of moving back to center.

Joe Biden wants to give free healthcare, education, and more to any person who comes here illegally. He has planned a costly expansion of Obamacare to the tune of $750 billion over ten years — to start.

Biden has proposed a $1.7 trillion climate plan and claims he started the whole climate change thing.

He wants $3.4 trillion worth of tax hikes and $750 billion for education.

As far as guns, he’s appointing gun-grabber Beto in charge and doesn’t want guns with multiple bullets.

There will be “no compromise” on transgender everything.

He’s as clueless as Bernie Sanders on foreign policy and has claimed China is no threat. We’re pretty confident he can work out a cure for coronavirus with China in exchange for a $50,000 a month Board seat for Hunter.

DNC Chair Tom Perez says what unites Biden with Socialist Sanders ‘far exceeds’ any differences. That’s that. Joe is Biden Jr. It’s right from the horse’s mouth.

Sometimes, Joe even knows what state he is in. What could go wrong?


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