Don’t Rush Out and Buy an EV Yet – Electricity Costs Are Skyrocketing


Don’t run out and buy that expensive EV just yet. Electricity costs are soaring. The Left wants you to believe that skyrocketing electric bills means you need to buy an EV.

They want you to believe you need more alternative energy. It’s not working but believe it anyway.

Team Biden brought about the gas and oil problem, and them alone. But, they want you to believe it was brought about by Putin and myriad other things and people.

If you listen to Con Ed, the spike in your bill is a direct consequence of the rising cost of acquiring natural gas, due to its global supply and demand. In the past few months, the commodity price has hovered between $4.00 and $6.00/MMBtu, which are averages we haven’t seen since the 2008 financial crisis, The NY Post reports.

We should note that President Joe Biden scrapped the Keystone pipeline and paused new oil and gas leases during his first week in office, which went a long way in bringing this about. To say nothing of his oppressive regulations destroying the industry.

In New York, we lost Indian Point and our refineries are shutting down, so we’re in bad shape here.


U.S. electricity customers are facing some of their biggest bills in years as volatile natural gas prices are being driven higher by winter demand and global supply shortages, aggravated by Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Wall Street Journal reported in mid-March.

Currently, the scarcity of natural gas supplies has made it more expensive for utility companies to buy/produce electricity. As a result, some customers have seen their winter electricity bills increase by 20% or more year over year, in addition to higher indoor heating bills.

EVs aren’t going to work if electricity is unaffordable.

The EU Commission Is Worried.

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, acknowledged that the EU’s electricity market “does not work anymore.”

She said it needs to be adapted to the “new realities of dominant renewables”.

It’s a global problem and it doesn’t make EVs look good.

She admitted this week that current measures to address surging energy prices had fallen short of addressing structural issues in the EU electricity market.

“Indeed electricity prices – energy prices – are skyrocketing. And we are doing a lot on it,” von der Leyen said, citing the “toolbox” put forward by the Commission in autumn last year, which allows EU countries to tax the windfall profits made by energy firms and subsidize energy bills for the most vulnerable households and small businesses.

“But we also acknowledge that this is a short-term relief that will not change the structure of the market,” adding that power markets were “designed in a way like it was necessary twenty years ago” when the share of renewables was low.

“Today, the market is completely different. It is the renewables that are the most cost-effective and the cheapest ones,” she explained.

As they destroy oil and gas, we will be left with expensive, though slightly cheaper, energy that won’t work.

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Marilyn Crawford
Marilyn Crawford
1 month ago

Lived without electricity for 7 years. Carried buckets of creek water, and had muscles like a man, lol! Something good about going off the grid, it stretches you! And, one can learn quickly what they are made of.

1 year ago

I’ve been looking at Solar and a City Car now for 5 or 6 years. Traitor Joe’s stupidity is making me pull the trigger prematurely as there still needs to be some progress in solar power.

I can do this because I have enough land to put a proper 15 Kw Solar Farm on to produce approximately 90 Kw/h per day. I was originally looking at this to power my Crypto Farm, but I’m scaling back my crypto operations for now. Since I will have more Solar than I need, going EV makes sense for me. But I’ll hold off a little longer until Tesla comes out with their City Car or I can import a Hongguang Mini EV. I considered a Nisson Leaf, but it’s not really a City Car. An EV is not going to replace my Pick-up Truck.

The speed at which Traitor Joe and Friends are trying to push EVs are likely to collapse the Power Grid in many parts of the Country. The result will be that only those of us in Rural America will have the space to install realistic Solar Power, while the Liberals in the Cities will Sweat in the Summer, Freeze in the Winter, and live in Darkness by Night. Going down the EV path may result in more available Gasoline than Electricity; at least in States with Oil and Refineries.

Traitor Joe and Friends have already done enough damage to destroy the lives of 80% of Americans for the next 10 years. If his Policies aren’t neutralized quickly, the damage may be irreversible. I began a 25 year plan on 4 November 2020 and will be in good shape soon. Most Americans have no concept of what’s coming, much less the savings and investments to cushion the blow!

mostly grey
mostly grey
1 year ago

You can’t afford too put fuel in your existing car and yet you are expected to go out and just “buy” a lectric one at $60 grand (average). with expected brown/blaclkout expected due to grid overloading. How is the expected grid overload going to support another 2 + million lectric cars being plugged in?
And Nuclear pwr plants being decommissioned, coal/nat gas plants not being allowed to operate.
When the wind don’t blow those windmills don’t produce, freeze up in inclement weather, maintenance cost are extravagant, the only part of them being recyclable is the metal parts, blades etc, not recyclable, windmills are NOT climate friendly Solar only world when the sun is out, storage batts for overnight lectric use must be in Every single house & business with overnight lectric needs. Meaning everyone and every single place currently wired for lectric use, with very few exceptions.
Already Seattle has a 1000% additional electric need “pending” than current electric supply can meet.
Climate change & the green new dealio is nothing more than a wealth redistribution scam.

1 year ago

You’re a lying dog-faced scammer. PISS OFF BRIAN!

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

The “reset” is being ‘entrenched’…