Biden Reassures America He’s Working on Food and Gas Prices


Joe Biden attempted to reassure Americans he was working to bring down food and gasoline prices. He did not share his plan which is not reassuring. The last time he spoke about the issue, he talked of raising taxes on corporations, passing more regulations on oil and gas, and explaining how bad the GOP allegedly is as our country goes down under him.

The climax of the speech was when he talked about saving mother.

“We’re continuing to working to bring down food prices and gas prices to save family’s mother, money.”

He was at the Port of LA to pretend he was solving the supply chain crisis and to speak to his union allies.


Then he said this very reassuring comment (sarcasm):

He credited unions with all middle-class success and blamed nine foreign shippers for all of the supply chain crises. The supply chain problem isn’t all Joe Biden’s fault. However, he has a lot to do with it getting worse with lockdowns, vaccine mandates against truckers, and oppressive regulations aimed at destroying oil and gas with nothing to replace the fossil fuels.

Watch this clip if you want to hear more:

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9 months ago

It’s amazing how easily Traitor Joe can lie with a straight face. America is headed for Depression and will take the World with it. Depression usually results in Wars.

9 months ago

Biden, Yellen etc. keeps says they doing everything they can to bring down prices but never give you examples, e.g. Allowing new pipelines or drilling, trying to peacefully end the war in Ukraine.