MSM: Joe Biden Has Nothing to Do With Hunter’s Business


CNN wants you to know that Hunter’s criminal charges have nothing to do with Daddy Joe.

The media is working hard to cover this up. Obama’s wingman, Eric Holder, says there is no evidence that Joe did anything wrong. After Democrats weaponized every agency of government, Holder claims Republicans, who have virtually no power, weaponized it.

MSNBC is singing the same tune. Hunter didn’t hold office, blah, blah, blah…

The Indictment

Special counsel David Weiss has filed a second indictment against President Biden’s son Hunter, this time on tax charges, as the continued fallout from a collapsed plea deal this summer means the younger Biden could go on trial twice next year while his father runs for reelection. The president’s son was charged by a grand jury in California with nine counts of failing to file and pay taxes, tax evasion, and filing false tax returns; three of the charges are felonies, and another six are misdemeanors.

The Washington Post:

“But multiple inquiries on Capitol Hill have failed to publicly surface significant evidence of wrongdoing by the sitting president, and the indictment filed Thursday does not link him to any alleged criminal behavior,” says WaPo.

The NY Times claims:

The charges, while serious, were far less explosive than ones pushed by former President Donald J. Trump and congressional Republicans, who have been angry with the department for failing to find wider criminal wrongdoing by the president’s son and family.

ABC News, after leaving out key information such as the judge canceled Hunter’s plea deal because it was ridiculous, wrote the following:

As developments in Hunter Biden’s legal drama continue to ebb and flow, President Biden has maintained that he and his son never discussed his foreign business dealings. There is no indication that the federal investigation has involved the president in any way.

Catherine Herridge at CBS News took a different approach, saying it leaves Hunter open to FARA charges.

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Mad Celt
Mad Celt
2 months ago

Sending Hunter to prison will probably kill Joe.

2 months ago

So far is nothing but evidence that implicates both bidens. Father and son.

As far eric holder, he lost all credibility long ago. And CNN?