Owen Shroyer Is Out of Prison


Alex Jones’s reporter Owen Shroyer is out of prison. He was in lockdown for almost the entire time. He says never take anything in your life for granted because you never know when it all can be taken away.

He was imprisoned for alleged “amplified lies” on January 6.

It appears that Mr. Shroyer was imprisoned for his free speech.

Reporter Owen Shroyer has been sentenced to prison for 60 days for the January 6th Capitol riot. He never entered the building but was on the steps. What the Feds seemed concerned about were his comments. They were highlighted during his trial.

As with many of the J6 protesters, they claimed his speech “helped create” the riot. They also claimed he attempted to disrupt government business.

They claimed he “amplified lies” about the 2020 election. Yet, there are many reasons to believe the election was corrupt, from the concealment of intel lies about Hunter’s laptop to mail-in balloting. It’s also legal to lie.

The Feds charged him very harshly, partly because he yelled out at another congressional meeting and because he yelled out during the J6 protest.

Shroyer and Alex Jones were originally on the steps to tell people not to enter the Capitol building because it was a “setup.”

The Feds used his language as the basis for the charges, trial, and sentencing.

Prosecutors wanted him in prison for 120 days.

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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
2 months ago

All those who participated in any way with the prosecution of the Jan 6th victims need to be judged and sentenced. They broke their oaths to the Constitution; abused their offices; broke the laws.

All should receive the maximum sentences possible, then be tried for sedition and treason. Those found guilty should be executed, especially members of the law enforcement, intelligence. and legal communities. Starting with the judiciary and our politicians who knew the truth and sought to bury it.

John Acord
John Acord
2 months ago

All who prosecuted, judges, and in any way persecuted the J6 Martyrs need to be evicted from the Republic. Their amigos in Cuba need help with the sugar harvest. Send them on their way.

Let my People Free
Let my People Free
2 months ago

Let’s hope this is the first of many.