Doom & Gloom Fauci speaks out against ‘let us work’ protests! Why?


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and a member of the president’s virus task force, doesn’t like the ‘let us work’ protests.

“Clearly this is something that is hurting from the standpoint of economics and the standpoint of things that have nothing to do with the virus, but unless we get the virus under control, the real recovery economically is not going to happen,” Fauci said on “Good Morning America.”

“So what you do if you jump the gun and go into a situation where you have a big spike, you’re going to set yourself back,” he said. “So as painful as it is to go by the careful guidelines of gradually phasing into a reopening, it’s going to backfire. That’s the problem.”

He claims it will backfire, but there is no reason to believe that. The president’s three-step process is fine.


The problem with Dr. Fauci is his thought process on the issue. He generally doesn’t want to open the government until the illness flatlines, and he has said that. He has talked endlessly about the vaccine which may never come. What he also does is dismiss the treatments. One of those is hydroxychloroquine, which he keeps saying is not scientifically proven. That is not true and he knows it.

In fact, it was scientifically approved in 2005 in an NIH study for viruses. He had to know about this study. They found it to be a potent inhibitor of SARS.

He has known all along that it is scientifically safe and it has been potent in combatting SARS. The Wuhan Virus, as they call it in China, has SARS characteristics.

Now, Fauci’s rebelling against protests that support the president’s three-step process. Why?

Are only leftists allowed to protest?


The president on Friday threw his support behind protesters in Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia and told them in three tweets to “Liberate” as the leftists try to keep the economy shut down through the summer, and in California, Oregon, and Washington, possibly into 2021.

Left-wing Republican Governor Hogan and Democrats say the protesters are flouting the president’s own three-step process. They are not.

Protesters are rebelling against the fascist policies and the governors who don’t want to open any time soon.

The President backed down somewhat after the leftist backlash, which is exactly what this is.

“As far as protesters, you know, I see protesters for all sorts of things,” Trump said Sunday. “And I’m with everybody. I’m with everybody.”

These opponents of the protests are telling us the protests are effective.

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