“Doomsday Plane” Is on a Training Flight, Rubio Issues a Dire Warning, Our Borders Are Wide Open


In yet another escalation by the US, according to iNews, a specialized Boeing 747 with the call sign “GORDO15” and known colloquially as the “doomsday plane,” is on a training mission near Lincoln, Nebraska.

It can survive a nuclear attack.

The report says it’s because of increasingly threatening rhetoric from Russia. It’s a well-publicized event that amounts to another US administration escalation.

You do realize that while Biden thinks Russia is going to attack us, our borders are wide open.

The  Associated Press reports that Putin told top Russian defense officials to put nuclear forces in a “special regime of combat duty” on Sunday.

Is it true though? Where is the evidence? Can we trust the AP or our government? Not really.

The “doomsday plane” is part of a fleet of Boeing 747 aircraft known as “Nightwatch’ that the U.S. military has sustained for about 50 years, iNews reported.

Its purpose is to create an airbase in the event of nuclear war.

According to iNews, at least one of the planes is kept ready 24/7. It can stay in the air for multiple days and is “designed to withstand the electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear blast.”

Democrats go from crisis to crisis and this war coincidentally came up as COV began to disappear. It does make one wonder.

Why didn’t we prepare for EMPs?


Our government says Putin is mad. He’s Hannibal, Caligula, Hitler.

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, issued a dire warning about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The senator said he believed that “something is off” with Putin, who he said has become “even more dangerous” than he was before, in a tweet shared on Twitter on Monday.

“I wish I could share more, but for now I can say it’s pretty obvious to many that something is off with #Putin He has always been a killer, but his problem now is different & significant It would be a mistake to assume this Putin would react the same way he would have 5 years ago,” the senator said.

It may be true or not, but Senator Rubio believes it.

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