Doug Schoen: Hillary Is the Best Shot Dems Have in 2024


Hillary Clinton, a Soros acolyte and Alinskyite, is a woman of the far left, unlike her husband who knew how to work across the aisle. She was all for the Build Back Better socialist bill before she recently decided she was against it. She has pushed for progressive leaders and fundraised for progressive PACs. Hillary once told her elite business followers in 2016 that the country had room for another 300 million foreigners.

She is not moderate, although that is her selling point.

Hillary has been changing her tune of late, moving towards the center, calling herself a moderate, and stating that the party has moved too far left.

For that reason, we do believe she wants to run again in 2024. Her only ambition in life has been to become the first woman president.

With that as a background, Doug Schoen doubled down on his recent op-ed pushing a Hillary Clinton run in 2024.

While discussing it with Fox host Laura Ingraham, he said that Hillary is a moderate and the best candidate Democrats have. Mr. Schoen, a long-time Hillary supporter, said that she is energetic.

That’s not how it looked last time she ran. He added that if she does half more than Biden, it will work.

However, this is the woman who arranged the coup against Donald Trump and this is the best they got.

And, great news, she’s a youngster next to Biden. She will be 75 in October.

Watch the two clips:

Let her run, by all means:



  1. If Hillary Clinton is the best the Democrats have to offer, then the Democrat Party will be a minor 3rd Party in 2024.

  2. Bwahaha! Thanks I needed a good laugh as elders are going into severe cognitive decline due to the experimental gene therapy.
    Maybe the CPUSA will be the one to get burned down?
    Yes we can!

  3. Just think how butthurt Crüella pantsuit will be when President Emhoff (Kamal) beats her to it!

  4. His position only makes sense if he has a stake in the Hillary campaign. Schoen had been critical of far leftism in recent years as he appeared on Faux. He seemed to be acknoledging that things had gone too far. For him to reverse that,and claim Hillary is moderate, indicates he is joining her campaign. An ethical person would be considering what is good for the nation, not recommending a far leftist who has a mountain of corruption.

  5. Biden is just as bad and he “won” by stealing the election, with major help from corrupt republicans. I see no distinction here. The dems have the media, the courts, the cities, the cheating and the corrupt GOP “leaders” on their side.

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