Supreme Court Blocks Biden OSHA Vaccine Mandate- Message Is Mixed – Full Ruling


While allowing the rule for healthcare workers, the Supreme Court on Thursday issued mixed rulings in a pair of cases challenging Biden vax mandates. They allowed the requirement for certain healthcare workers to go into effect while blocking enforcement of a mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees.

The OSHA private business mandate said that businesses with at least 100 employees needed to require workers to get vaccinated or get tested weekly and wear a mask.

Personally, I don’t see why the federal government has the right to issue any federal mandates. It should be a states’ issue.

The ill-informed or dishonest Justices — take your pick — Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan — dissented. No totalitarian rule will ever be rejected by these three.

Justices Kavanaugh and Roberts voted with the Left on the healthcare mandate.

Read the Document:

Scotus Osha Mandate by MaurA Dowling on Scribd



  1. I haven’t seen the order but it seems SCOTUS is upholding Jacobson v. Mass. Therefore, the only recourse is for states for prohibit any mandates within their states.

  2. If hospitals are desperate enough for workers they’ll find a way to get around the mandates. Its time to resist snd be a little creative and subvert the federal tyrants. Play by your own rules,not their “rules” and spit on their face.

  3. Comrade kommissar Garland (CHEKA) so wishes he was on SCOTUS!
    Give the Grand Old Politburo wing of the Party some credit for not approving this fellow traveler.

    O/T-Bare Shelves Brandon! Just back from MI Mart (Meijer) and the frozen section, cereal, salad, milk, almost all barren with a new message taped to the shelves, we are experiencing delays with our suppliers, please be patient while we work diligently to restock.

  4. Today the Supreme Court is totally Political. It is incapable of giving an up or down vote on the Constitution when it comes to restricting Federal Government abuse of authority and overreach.

    To get America back on track, the 17th Amendment must be repealed. We then need to change the Supreme Court to 50 Justices appointed by the Governors of each State and the Chief Justice appointed by the President. The Supreme Court will never be nonpolitical, so it needs to be large enough to reflect the collective common sense of the Nation. Supreme Court Judges need to serve at the pleasure of the Governors and President. Life terms have resulted in political polarization instead fidelity to the Constitution.

  5. The ruling for big business should help the economy a bit, at least in possibly decreasing the inflation rate…companies won’t be forced to fire people and have to train replacements. Of course, some of them may decide to require vaccination on their own without a mandate. Stupid is as stupid does.

    The SCOTUS should have applied the same logic to health care workers. Here they have worked through two years of dealing with COVID patients and many of them see no need of a worthless and potentially dangerous vaccination. They should not be forced to take the jabs to keep their jobs.

  6. What has infuriated me for a very long time is this acceptance of Federal money the courts continually bring up, as if states can just decline those funds because it’s a “voluntary” option. Are the citizens of the state faced with tax liabilities. Will the IRS not come with guns if a citizen refuses the “option” of paying taxes. The argument put forth by courts would be more sensible if citizens of each state could decline paying Federal Taxes for any such program they declined to participate in. The State could create their own Health systems, or other Federal programs, solely by State taxes that would have went to the Federal coffers. Essentially what we are living with is short of being an extortion racket. The citizens are forced to pay taxes, and Then forced to accept Federal mandates. There is no choice as SCOTUS would have us believe.

    This case isn’t over yet, just the injunction to stop the mandates. What happened to irreparable harm in upholding injunctions. This means that virtually every healthcare worker in the US is subject to this order because of all the tentacles the Federal System has and can be subject to adverse events from the vaccine. Reports from the UK and Denmark show a negative efficacy with the vaccines and Omicron, up to -76%. SCOTUS erred in suggesting those who are vaccinated are unable to transmit the virus to others, Especially in the vulnerable. We’ll have to see how well the States pursue their cases.

    • Good points. I handled millions in a school budget for years for the pupil personnel department. We would send our tax money to the federal government that laundered it and then we had to beg with grants to get some of it back. There were no choices. the Federal government is disgustingly powerful in opposition to the Constitution.

  7. White House Spokesperson Jennifer Psaki said the Biden administration would “not be deterred” by the Supreme Court decision, and all employers should immediately continue to “initiate vaccination requirements.”

  8. The Nuremberg Code prohibits anybody from forcing people into taking experimental medical treatment and the United States subscribes to along with the Food and Drug Act which puts into the US Code that nobody can force anybody else to take experimental drugs and that nobody can penalize anybody for refusing to take experimental drugs, All the COVID (non)vaccines are experimental and it is against federal law for Puppet Biden, any other government official or any employer to mandate anybody take them.

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