Dr. Anthony Fauci Predicts Doom and Gloom


Speaking at the coronavirus White House briefing on Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “If you want to get back to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the sense that the threat is there.” He said that even with a vaccine, the coronavirus will remain a threat, Fox News reported.

Dr. Fauci said Sunday that people must be prepared for a resurgence next year, which is why officials fighting the pandemic are pushing for a vaccine and clinical trials for therapeutic interventions so “we will have interventions that we did not have” when this started.

He is encouraged about therapies and “confident that over a period of time we will get a good vaccine, that we will never have to get back to where we are right now.”

“If ‘back-to-normal’ means acting like there never was a coronavirus problem, I don’t think that’s going to happen until we do have a situation where you can completely protect the population,” Dr. Fauci said. “But when we say ‘getting back-to-normal’ we mean something very different from what we’re going through right now – ’cause right now we are in a very intense mitigation.”

“When we get ‘back-to-normal’ we will go back gradually to the point where we can function as a society.”

“If you want to get to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the fact that the threat is there,” Fauci added.


President Trump contradicted his morbid forecast, saying America will get “more than back to normal and even be better,” Trump said.

One must wonder what will become of business and our debt levels after these enormous bailouts?

There is another $250 billion rescue package coming up this week. Speaker Pelosi is planning a trillion-dollar socialist stimulus. The government will want something in return — control.

Americans will receive cash payouts, cheap loans, free healthcare temporarily, but will we be able to get rid of it? Democrats will demand universal paid leave, free healthcare, free stuff for illegal aliens, subsidized childcare, and other free stuff that companies can’t afford. Once in place, these values often become permanent. Small businesses might struggle more than they do now. Democrats want to dictate and control private business. The foundations to do that are in motion.

We must not let that happen. Freedom isn’t free. Get your pitchforks ready. The virus could be pivotal but we can’t let anyone take our freedoms.



  1. Let’s shutdown the economy for another 6 months. What could go wrong? There won’t be anything to come back to. This is not the Black Plague. Where is all this bail out money coming from? Stop all this crap now, or we will make the Great Depression look mild by comparison. Let people go back to work

  2. For Fauci to make such a statement shows that he is tied in to the various elitist circles that want instability in America. He has no reason to say such a thing, it is not his role. This indicates forethought and planning.

    He has been and is going to be another trouble maker under Trump. Wat and see when the USA reopens May 1st, he will oppose it and try to apply crippling constraints as much and as long as possible.

  3. Isn’t it rather odd they are “changing” the charts and what is reported. This is what the spreadsheet notes:

    NOTE: “total”, “posNeg”, “hospitalized” will be removed in the future

    This directly affects the calculations on the outcome of virus related to symptomatic deaths. Since the hospitalizations were highly inflated, along with ventilators needed, it shows how fallible the models were. But we can’t have the CDC and others shown to be demonstrably wrong. For quite some time we haven’t risen above 0.5% deaths per tested. The calculations for the flu doesn’t have the specific details we have had for the virus and we may find the virus is actually less deadly. No one seemed to pick up on it, but Dr. Birx through out the statement the R0 factor may be less than originally assumed. It is THAT factor which determined the spread and the inflated numbers.

    Since my internet and phone went out yesterday I had no choice but to view the networks. NBC, Fox, and CBS cut away after a few minutes. ABC was the one who kept it on, UNTIL Trump started talking about the WHO. They immediately dropped out when he began.

  4. I sure would like to see a question asked at these briefings. Why are flu deaths “per week” consistently around 3000+.

  5. What an admission. Dr. Birx flat out says the numbers for deaths WITH Covid will be counted as deaths FROM Covid. This is Really disingenuous and skews the actual data. Since deaths from this virus is predominant in cases of preexisting conditions, who can tell if the death is virus related or not. Shouldn’t the criteria be “how” infected is the patient. We have yet to know why people who are infected are asymptomatic. That reason alone casts doubt on counting ALL deaths “with” the virus. This tells me the “tests” are very conclusive. But Fauci doesn’t see that as a problem. It sure seems to me the point has more to do with model justification than pure scientific data.

    My own observation regarding the higher percentage in the black population might be attributed to the higher level of intimate greeting by that community. Rather than just shaking hands it’s done with aggressive hugging. Also, I don’t know how widespread but it seems there is a higher rate of obesity, at least what’s seen on videos and TV. But that is inconclusive at best.


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