AOC says the Cross-Bronx Expressway is racist, blames Trump for virus deaths


According to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Robert Moses is racist, the Cross-Bronx Expressway is racist, and environmental racism is a pre-existing condition in New York City.  She also says that President Trump is racist and is killing the people with coronavirus, especially people here illegally.

The representative said “environmental racism” is a “pre-existing condition in New York.”

It sounds insane but she did say it.

To her, the solution to this alleged problem is big government control and Marxist policies.



The reason she is making these comments is Robert Moses’ urban development plan helped create the modern suburbs of Long Island which she thinks are racist.

The hard-left hates suburbs and wants them gone because they see the residents as Republicans. They hate gated communities and private pools. In fact, they hate private property.

Where I live on Long Island, I am surrounded by minorities because they too want to escape the city and its problems.

Moses built some beautiful highways with stone bridges and landscaped environs, planned Jones Beach and some lovely parks.

Moses was non-partisan and didn’t plan for communities of Republicans.  He did run once for governor as a Republican but he was praised for his non-partisan leadership in the offices in which he served, which were all political positions. He worked with FDR on the building of roads and highways.

He had a biographer, Robert Caro, who said he destroyed neighborhoods with his highways and accused him of racism. Moses has been deceased since 1981.


AOC also blames President Trump for coronavirus deaths, especially of illegal aliens. O-Cortez claims illegal aliens pour a great deal of money into the economy and pay millions in taxes. The truth is that the stats show the majority are on some form of welfare.

She was too busy to notice the virus when it was taking hold. She was busy impeaching the President.

She is the idiot who told us to go to crowded Asian restaurants in March so we can prove we aren’t racists.



  1. Get her out!!!! ….ASAP…Shes a cancer that spreading racism…Shes a liar and the biggest hypocrite who lives in a major luxurious she fails to practice what she preaches…VOTE HER OUT IN…remember what she stands for….SOCIALISM….Shes no f…king good…a typical politician looking to line her pockets…..she hates America…and Americans…

  2. To be perfectly fair, Robert Moses did have his quirks. For example, the Northern and Southern State Parkways are barred to commercial traffic for a well-known reason: to keep buses that originate in NYC from transporting large groups of city-dwellers to eastern Long Island and its parks. Whether there was a racial motive behind that decision is unknown. However, to call the Cross Bronx Expressway “racist” — yes, it causes many persons to have fits of rage each and every commuting day, but really! — indicates that Miss Ocasio-Cortez has more than a few screws loose.

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