Dr. Anthony Fauci straightens out the media on President Trump and hydroxychloroquine


The media has tried to drive a wedge between Dr. Anthony Fauci and the President over the use of hydroxychloroquine to help coronavirus patients. He explained there is no fundamental difference there.

The President, he said, is “coming from a-hope-lay person’s standpoint, and I’m coming from a scientific standpoint.”


Actor Daniel Dae Kim made an Instagram video in which he says the drug has been “crucial” to his successful recovery so far.

He’s not providing medical advice or saying it’s a cure, but it has helped him.

“So I won’t say that it’s a cure and I won’t say definitively that you should go out and use it. But what I will say is that I believe that [hydroxychloroquine] was crucial to my recovery. I believe the entire mixture of drugs was crucial to my recovery,” he said.

“Well add my name to those personal accounts because I am feeling better,” said Kim.

“One of the reasons I was able to recover quickly I believe is because I was lucky enough to start taking these drugs before my fever got severe.”

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