Dr Birx ignored the fiats she foisted on the peasants


The AP reports that Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus response, who instituted a series of Draconian travel rules and regulations for the nation, personally ignored them. Over Thanksgiving, she traveled out-of-state with three households, some say four, of her family members.

Comrade Birx went to one of her vacation homes on Fenwick Island. Lovely for her. We were all told by the CDC to stay home and not go near our family.

These elites don’t believe their own hysterical mantras. If they did, they wouldn’t put their families in danger. They don’t care at all about the damage it is doing, not in the least. These despots are getting their salaries and doing whatever they want to do. If we stopped paying them, you would see how quickly the onerous and arbitrary restrictions would disappear.

Americans were terrorized over a so-called Thanksgiving surge. That “surge” never materialized as the “experts” predicted, WWMT reported.



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