Dr. Birx Is Back! Wants to Test Every US Cow Weekly for Bird Flu


Deborah Birx is back, and it’s not good. The doctor who lied to Americans is now suggesting an intrusive and massive testing and surveillance infrastructure to prevent a bird flu pandemic.

She’s trying to frighten us into obedience again. With Biden ordering Bird Flu vaccines, this could be a warning sign of what is to come.

Birx, the former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, laid out her authoritarian plan against bird flu for CNN’s Kasie Hunt.

“We should be testing every cow weekly,” Birx declared, adding, “We could be pool testing every dairy worker.”

“We have to switch from symptoms to actually definitive laboratory testing,” Birx, who previously served on the Bill Gates-funded Global Fund board, concluded. “We have the capacity to do that today.”

The WHO has allegedly found one case of a human with bird flu, but there is not one documented case of bird flu transmitting to humans. Now they’re looking at cows. Birx works for Big Pharma – Armata Pharmaceuticals.

Birx admitted to lying and manipulating data. She thinks she’s entitled to do that because she knows what needs to be done, and the peasants don’t.

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