Dr. Faces 10 Years in Jail for Exposing Unlawful Child Castrations


Houston Doctor Eithan Haim blew the whistle on a Houston hospital for unlawfully chemically and surgically castrating children as young as 11 years old. Biden’s DOJ is attempting to put him in prison for ten years on four felony charges for reporting this horrendous practice.

He told the truth about a practice that is now illegal.

He was indicted for obtaining protected individual health information for patients not under his care and without authorization.

The 34-year-old of Dallas was trying to protect the children.

The indictment claims he wanted to cause malicious harm to Texas Children’s Hospital.

He also faces a $250,000 fine. The FBI conducted the investigation, and Assistant US Attorney Tina Ansari is prosecuting the case.

Texas Children’s Hospital harmed itself.

Please see what is going on. The DOJ constantly leaks confidential information when it suits them. They are corrupt.

Dr. Haim spoke to Glenn Beck. He has no regrets because he had the opportunity to fight back against people trying to destroy this country.

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