Judge Shuts Down Dems Anti-Female Title IX ‘Rule’ in 6 States


Under the guise of protection for people who are unclear about their gender or reject gender, Biden issued an executive order to the Department of Education amending Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity in female protections in sports.

He’s writing laws from the White House. A ‘rule’ that changes the definition of women and forces pronouns on people is a law, not a rule, and an unlawful one.

Judges have granted preliminary injunctions due to concerns about safety and free speech.

A Democrat Woman
The rule is now blocked in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho.

Early on, Gov. Huckabee said, never in Arkansas.

Judge Reeves

According to the Easton Gazette, U.S. District Judge Danny C. Reeves, Eastern District of Kentucky, Covington Division, granted a preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of the transgender rule in six additional states.

The Kentucky case is among at least seven backed by more than 20 states against the Title IX rule. The new states where the injunction is now in place are Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

A rule that compels speech and engages in such viewpoint discrimination is impermissible,” Judge Reeves wrote.

There are two sexes: male and female.”

He also found that the Department of Education exceeded its authority. They created the new rules in an “arbitrary and capricious” way.

“The rule includes a new definition of sexual harassment which may require educators to use pronouns consistent with a student’s purported gender identity rather than their biological sex,” the judge wrote. “Based on the ‘pervasive’ nature of pronoun usage in everyday life, educators likely would be required to use students’ preferred pronouns regardless of whether doing so conflicts with the educator’s religious or moral beliefs. ”

A judge in Texas recently blocked the new rule’s enforcement in that state.

A judge in Louisiana halted enforcement in Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho.

The new rule was slated to take effect on August 1. The Education Department said the ruling is “under review.”

This Democrat thinks girl’s teams should give way to failed male athletes.

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