Dr. Fauci Demonizes & Belittles Opponents in a Twisted WaPo Article


The far-far-left Washington Post published a puff piece to beat all puff pieces based on an interview with Dr. Fauci, portraying him as a hero and a victim. The portrait is not recognizable to those who paid attention to his lies and suffered his tyrannical ‘recommendations’ that quickly became mandates. The one thing that comes through clearly is Dr. F’s narcissistic view of himself.
WaPo gave him a platform to say anything he wanted with no questioning whatsoever of a thing he said. It’s pure propaganda.

“There is no truth,” Fauci says, for effect. “There is no fact.” People believe hydroxychloroquine works because an Internet charlatan claims it does. People believe the 2020 election was stolen because a former president says so. People believe that Fauci killed millions of people for the good of his stock portfolio because it’s implied by TV pundits, Internet trolls, and even elected leaders. Fauci is unnerved by “the almost incomprehensible culture of lies” that has spread among the populace, infected major organs of the government, manifested as ghastly threats against him and his family. His office staff, normally focused on communicating science to the public, has been conscripted into skirmishes over conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Doctors with serious credentials who work with patients, not conspiracy theorists, are questioning the fact that Fauci won’t support treatments or listen to anyone who does.
He’s a victim.

“It is very, very upending to live through this,” Fauci says, seated at his kitchen table in the midwinter light. He pauses. “I’m trying to get the right word for it.” He is examining himself now, at 81, in the shadow of the past two years. “It has shaken me a bit.”

The way he can comprehend the situation is in the context of the Jan. 6, 2021, siege of the Capitol. There it was, on live TV, an experiment as clear as day: The abandonment of truth has seismic consequences.

The left won’t stop exploiting the riot of J6, but they’re not political according to them. They’ve lied to us, admitted they lied, and hid information, like the information on natural immunity. He has completely ignored treatments except for remdesivir. That’s not being the bearer of truth.
He demonized his opponents and put on his innocent, dumb act during the interview. He’s very condescending.

Something has been replicating in the American mind. It is not microbial. It cannot be detected by nasal swab. To treat an affliction, you must first identify it. But you can’t slide a whole country into an MRI machine.

“There’s no diagnosis for this,” Fauci says. “I don’t know what is going on.”

Collins jumped in to say he worries about Fauci. He’s another overpaid liar.

“I do worry about him,” says Francis Collins, until recently the director of the National Institutes of Health. “He’s incredibly frustrated” by the attacks “because it’s a distraction. But there is no part of Tony Fauci that’s ready to give up on a problem just because it’s hard.”

He’s the victim but he perseveres. Anyone who disagrees with him might be in pain and suffering. They can’t be bad people because he is so nice that he doesn’t see the bad in people.

Yet Fauci still thinks he is an effective messenger. And he still hasn’t totally given up on the people who are making his life miserable. After the exchange with Marshall, and a news cycle dominated by “moron” instead of “omicron,” Fauci told his own incredulous staff: Maybe the senator has a point. Maybe my financial investments, though disclosed and available, should be much easier to see.

As for the citizens who wish him harm, he can’t help but search for some signal, some symptom, that could help him understand.

“I’m always looking for the good in people, that kernel of something that’s positive,” Fauci says. “And it’s tough to imagine that many people are bad people. And, I mean, it’s just — has something been smoldering in their lives? Something that’s sociologically evasive to me?”

He wonders: Does their resentment indicate an underlying issue that needs — for lack of a better term — healing?

Now he psychoanalyzes people who disagree with him, always in such a phony kindly manner. He kills his opponents with left-handed concern.

“Maybe it’s pain that they’re feeling, that’s driving it?” he says, as if bedside with a patient. “And we’re focusing on the aberrancy of their actions, but we really are not fully appreciating that maybe they’re suffering. And they’re rebelling against a failing of society, maybe, to address some of their needs. Maybe we need, as a nation, to address the fundamental issues that are getting, you know, tens of millions of people to feel a certain way.”

Wow, he’s great. Who knew?

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